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teaching portfolio examples

- December 6, 2020 -

The About page is written in the third person, so at least on the surface, it doesn’t seem like he’s touting his own accomplishments. A few genuine examples of planning materials are essential. Cassandra Rusie's Teaching Portfolio 1. CREDENTIALS. She designs resources to meet the everyday needs of teachers. (2004). Just one click will get you where you want to go. Hello Everyone! He is a leader in school technology and speaks all over the country on innovative education. His accomplishments are presented on the home page with easy access to his articles, media appearances and speeches. I am an elementary school teacher and the lucky mom of two little kids. Welcome to my online teaching portfolio. Example: Implemented an interactive SmartBoard presentation that allowed students to manipulate virtual pattern blocks to determine angle measures using known angle measures of blocks. Larry Ferlazzo is a high school teacher who specializes in English and social studies. But take note: the tone is humble, and he expresses happiness at helping others while he continues to learn. Within each SOP, I included great examples from my portfolio and even my digital collection. If you’re this established in the education field, you don’t need a portfolio to present yourself to potential employers. This portfolio serves as a record of Update your CV, general letter of application, materials for a Teaching Portfolio. In this portfolio, I am presenting an overview of my student teaching experience which shows my own understanding of teaching as well as a compilation that will help me define my teaching philosophies and styles. Sara, I’ve added some additional information about portfolios in PDF format to the article. She has one of the top 15 Educational Leadership Blogs. The personal touch at the end includes a little information about her family life, children and pets. Examples of teaching portfolios created by University of Virginia faculty and teaching assistants in different disciplines. From my earliest childhood memories, I remember loving to play “school.” This love of the entire process of learning has followed me throughout the changes in my career path. I have been a leader in the programs A, B, and C, which are concerned especially with the academic welfare of minority students, and they have received national attention, based in part on papers I have published about them. This typically includes a variety of evidence that you’ve gathered throughout your career that backs up your teaching philosophy. Bonnie Stewart. Links and References. She is a Google-Certified teacher and speaks around the world on the use of technology in the classroom. Jan 16, 2014 - Explore K. Shelley's board "Teaching Portfolio" on Pinterest. What I like. A teaching portfolio is a collection of your teaching credentials and experiences. He has written articles for the New York Times and other top publications, and has served on The Board of Directors for the Center for Teaching Quality and other institutions. For each course, I identify the concepts and procedures that I want each student to master. His Ph.D. from Cambridge University is on how social media influences educational policy. If they are from prominent people, so much the better. It’s like a puzzle that draws you in. The Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness, University of Saskatchewan. By describing your teaching roles and responsibilities, you provide a conte… Teaching statement is a kind of document that is helpful in terms of teaching. Students are expected to demonstrate conceptual mastery, not just to recognize or recall…. Emily is an active mother of two and a dedicated elementary school teacher. See how to create a hard copy of your teaching portfolio. Briefly describe the courses you are teaching or have taught in the recent past, including the number of credit hours, whether the course was required or elective, the number of students, and whether they were graduate or undergraduate. He has won many awards, and is a co-founder of Did You Know (Shift Happens) video series. Welcome Through my numerous experiences in the classroom, I have developed a to my philosophy incorporating education andportfolio! A teaching portfolio is a valuable tool for any teacher to showcase their accomplishments. You … What I like. When it comes to deciding how a portfolio should be put together, institutions should focus on what exactly is effective teaching, and what kinds of standards factor into the practice of teaching. He served in the Marine Corps, and holds three Master’s Degrees. Later in this article, I will flesh out this idea in greater detail; but for now, I’ll show you a few examples of good portfolios which I’m sure will help you make yours look awesome too. In general, student evaluations of my courses have been positive, and the written comments have been laudatory. He is the head of Digital Learning and Innovation at the Stamford American International School. It is basically writing a value statement on your teaching styles and techniques, that you are capable in teaching and giving the right information to your students and also giving them extra knowledge in order to widen their learning in the class. I am passionate about creating lessons that both educate and inspire students. This week's video is #3 in my “Hiring Series”. The instructional technology page tells the visitor about your theory and practice of development and design, along with the management, utilization and evaluation of the resources and processes you use for teaching. A good teaching portfolio needs to be user-friendly. Faculty ePortfolios - Humber College. It discusses how to create a WINNING teaching portfolio! In the fall of 1993, my two classes rated higher than any others in the department; but they were also the smallest classes. Nonlinear Thinking: The web facilitates nonlinear relationships between the components of your teaching portfolio. He is an activist and web designer. Your resume will give the facts about your background, skills and career objectives. It also includes self-assessment materials, such as the learner checklists and any aims that learners have for the future. She created this blog to make it easier for other teachers to take advantage of some of the best devices out there to upgrade their classrooms without having to do the research themselves. The object is to find ways to teach more effectively with available resources. Share your portfolio . What I like. I have no way of measuring how much I contribute to the professional welfare of the students who earn a baccalaureate in our department. I try to learn the name of each student and something more about him or her…. The introduction is written in third person, which gives the impression of an endorsement. Appearance is important. Finally, include three letters of recommendation from prominent people in your area, either a professor or mentor, a parent of a student, or the principal of a school where you taught. Teaching activities outside the classroom, such as advising undergraduate students, supervising students engaged in undergraduate research, and otherwise mentoring students also are important to include. Professional Teaching Standards Portfolio You are on page 1 /8. Specifically, in the last six semesters I have taught the following courses (numbers of students in parentheses): The participants in the seminar obtain valuable experience as discussion group leaders in certain sections of the freshman course X. He has published many books on classroom management and parental participation. She shows her personal interests, along with her professional achievements, which makes for a very attractive and interesting portfolio. Professional Knowledge, Know the Content and How to Teach It; Graduate Standard 3. She focuses on language skills and is proficient in teaching Italian. Goals. Kelly Walsh is the CIO of The College of Westchester, and is on the Faculty of Administration. One advantage of a PDF copy is that you can make sure it’s clean and error-free, and can’t be tampered with by an outside agent. He expresses his concern about the negative impact fake news, data collection, and targeted advertising may have on society, and conducts a critical examination of these issues. In the past three years I have chaired x doctoral dissertation committees and y master’s thesis committees, and have guided z honors theses. Y. This year I have advised 33 certified majors in my department and, for the advisory program in the SALC, about 12 students who are not yet certified. José Louis Vilson is a Math for America Master Teacher in New York who is well-known in the education field. How you view education defines your work ethic and motivation. What I like. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Use your school’s or university’s website. The National Professional Standards for Teachers are a public statement of what constitutes teacher quality. It has also helped me move up a level on a couple of components in my annual review – I had the proof that I was accomplished in the target area! It’s like a puzzle that draws you in. Pick up a copy of the CV & COVER LETTER guide from the CDC. For each course, I identify the concepts and procedures that I want each student to master. Ross has taught in some of the most challenging secondary schools in London. He provides examples that show how interesting his methods are for students, because he wants learning to originate from the student, not the teacher. A teaching portfolio is a step toward a more open, professional view of teaching and reflects the practice as an academic activity. Gretchen C. Seibel is a third- and fourth-grade teacher who genuinely enjoys elementary school teaching. The tagline says it all: “Technology, Leadership, and the Future of Schools.” Of all the examples on this list, this is the only one that provides direct contact, offering a portal for leaving Scott a voicemail. If you are attending an interview in person, a hard copy has an advantage, because you can use it to support whatever information you give. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Each of these examples is a winner of the Gold Teaching Portfolio Award, even though some of them are vastly different from the others. His articles, TV appearances and radio show are famous. I have also published, or am awaiting an editorial decision on, the following papers specifically concerned with teaching: Signed: X**************** Y***************. A teaching philosophy statement is essential to introduce yourself. Whether your portfolio is also an e-commerce site, a portal to book you for consultations, or simply a CV for potential employers, there are five items it must have: Your digital portfolio needs to have certain features to give easy access to your information: It’s crucial to choose the best place to build your portfolio. We suggest the following steps to guide your process of preparing a thoughtful teaching portfolio: 1. Select materials to include in your portfolio 4. Some of the resumes above are very impressive and some are simple, but all of them show dedication to teaching. Be sure to select a range of materials that provide a holistic picture of your teaching. Give one or two examples of real plans, classes or lessons you have given. The author of nine books, he is currently working on a practical classroom book for science, social studies and math teachers. The vibe is friendly and welcoming, and it makes the visitor want to look further into this teacher’s accomplishments. While the home page is all about Ross’s achievements — and they are impressive — the site also gives practical advice and help for teachers. “The Teaching Portfolio.” While I do not believe in innovation for its own sake, I do treat each of my courses as an experience from which I, too, can learn something. Her portfolio blog is her main means of communicating her ideas. Examples of award-winning national teaching portfolios are available on the HELTASA (Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of Southern Africa) website. I get commissions for purchases made through some links in this post. Marc C. Santos believes that people learn through experience and reflection. Use a free platform such as Weebly, PortfolioGen or Edupholio. Music is an essential part of his teaching method, so he needed a platform to showcase his talents. A teaching portfolio is a structured collection of artefacts or documents that will change over time as you extend your practice, evaluate your teaching, reflect, and act on the results of evaluations, and ... guidelines, examples of student work etc. If your resume is being sent by an applicant tracking system (ATS), PDF may not be your best choice. It can be a PDF file that you send to prospective employers, or it can be a hard copy. Professional Knowledge, Know Students and How They Learn; Graduate Standard 2. Ross McGill is the top influencer of education in the United Kingdom. Dr. Paul Gordon Brown is an independent speaker and consultant, and has headlined conferences from Canada to Dubai on how education and technology intersect on various platforms. Larry is also a guest professor at the University of California at Davis. For example, if you list creating a collaborative learning environment as an important part of your teaching philosophy, those reading your portfolio will expect to see evidence of that collaborative approach in this section. Professional Teaching Portfolio This Professional Portfolio will demonstrate my level of teaching competence as articulated in the: National Professional Standards For Teachers - Graduate. Emily, I have just finished my degree and would like to apply for a teacher’s assistant position to gain some insight into classroom teaching before I start my Master’s Program. For example, you may have won an award for your podcast or as Best Middle School Science Teacher in your state. José is one of the GOOD Inc. 100 leaders changing their world. I believe in the power of modern technologies and try to find new and exciting ways to use them for teaching children. Angela’s portfolio uses third-person throughout the website to showcase her accomplishments, which are many. Emily Sharpe's Teaching ePortfolio Kelly Tam's Teaching Portfolio. Kaplan, Matthew. EmergingEdTech is Kelly’s blog about using the latest technology in the classroom. Larry Ferlazzo has a lot to offer educators, and his portfolio is more about helping teachers than about promoting himself. About a third of the students in the seminar mentioned above are from ethnic minorities, and are active in programs serving other students belonging to those groups. For example, you can include video footage of yourself teaching, an audio voiceover providing context and reflection on the portfolio, or instructional computer programs or code you have written. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe so you don’t miss future videos! He explains how technology can support student-centered learning and improve learning outcomes. 9 Best Online Form Builders That Make Teachers’ Life Easier, Best 13 Zoom Math Games: Compare and Choose, How to Write an Elementary Teacher Resume — 7 Tips, 5 Common Mistakes and 7 Free Elementary Teacher Resume Templates, 22 Top Online Quiz Makers — Best Ideas For Teaching, Marketing and Business. 4. Some student examples include: "An example of an excellent ePortfolio" Youtube.

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