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table as an adjective in a sentence

- December 6, 2020 -

Alex was already putting sandwich meat on the table, so she got the condiments from the refrigerator. "Got it," Toni said and sat, logging into the computer at the table. Fred O'Connor, with three silver-haired lady friends in tow, clustered around the backyard picnic table. On the table were plates, knives and forks, and dishes of bread, meat and fruits. The man rose and came over to Dean's table. The door was ajar and the phone was on the hall table. 221. "You need a doctor, Lydia," he said as she reached for a rag on the coffee table. When to compare one thing with another, can be use “than” after the adjectives. One buffet table sagged beneath the weight of five kegs while another held food wrapped in cellophane and tinfoil. Weller poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down at the kitchen table. What Is an Adverbial Phrase? Dusty asked, eyes going from his dinner to the mangled creature on the table in front of them. Naw. Approaching from behind, she noticed a bottle of scotch on the table, along with the two glasses. It will build a table of all the words used by people like you who have reviewed those restaurants and will look for San Francisco restaurants described with the same words. Which word in this sentence is an adjective? That night as they sat at the table eating the supper she had cooked, it seemed cozy – as if they were already married. Jilian snatched her and slammed her onto the table, pinning her in place as he strapped her wrists and ankles in. Dean's multiplication table of 44, the number of rented apartments, wasn't perfect, but that num­ber times even a reasonable monthly rental lessened any sympathy he might have felt for the woman's financial plight. The two of you are pretty good for a couple of kitchen table detectives. Adjectives describe a noun or pronoun. She pictured Mom washing dishes at the sink while Dad sat at the table eating some of her pie. An adjective is described as it is used in a particular part of a sentence i.e. The three warriors at the table relocated several chairs down. He closed his book and placed it on the end table and rose lithely from the chair. She rose from her chair and pushed it under the table. I'll show you where you will sleep while Cynthia gets supper on the table. They sat around the low table still scattered with pictures. Adjective definition is - a word belonging to one of the major form classes in any of numerous languages and typically serving as a modifier of a noun to denote a quality of the thing named, to indicate its quantity or extent, or to specify a thing as distinct from something else. Specifically, they provide further information about an object's size, shape, age, color, origin or material. A'Ran dropped his feet from the table and rose to face his uncle. Dean dutifully paused a few moments until Fred took off his glasses, slammed down the book on a table and said with a broad smile, I knew it! Carmen sat the butter on the table Your breakfast is ready and I packed a sack lunch for you. After they put all the presents on a table, Felipa finally spoke. Comparative and Superlative Adjectives, Example Sentences Adjectives are used to define the noun. Instead of saying, "The man has shoes," we can now say, "The happy man has many shoes." Finally there had been direction in her life that had nothing to do with money - animals that had nothing to do with food on the table. He slammed the mug on the table and stood, crossing the distance between them in two long strides. This functional variance of each marks the differential border between them. She placed the plates on the table and looked up at him, her smile sad. The death dealer took up much of the small space, his trench still on despite sitting at the kitchen table. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. I found surprises, not in the stocking only, but on the table, on all the chairs, at the door, on the very window-sill; indeed, I could hardly walk without stumbling on a bit of Christmas wrapped up in tissue paper. He strode forward, and she moved to place a table between them. Important distinction, Rhyn replied and pulled out a chair from the table on which the candle was placed. When the crowd began to break up in earnest, she took her husband's arm and led him to their kitchen where a chicken pot pie was still bubbling on the table. It's a wooden table. As he plucked the letter out, a picture fell on the table, face down. Sofia darted off the table, staring at him as he entered, trailed by Two and the man with green eyes. Fred ignored the question and sat at the table, his patience expired. He moved to the edge of the table nearest Jade and crossed his arms as he leaned against it. Table of Contents Comparative AdjectivesSuperlative AdjectivesIrregular Adjectives Comparative Adjectives We use comparative adjectives to show change or to make comparisons. He slammed his hands on the table and lurched from his chair. English Using Adjective Clauses, Definition and Example Sentences; Table of Contents Adjective ClausesAdjective Clauses PronounsDefining Adjective ClauseNon- Defining Adjective Clause Adjective Clauses “Adjective clause” or “relative clause” means a clause that acts as an adjective by qualifying a noun. I wanted to get all our cards out on the table, so to speak. It's a brown table. The are greens cups on the table.X (This sentence is wrong, it doesn’t exist in English.). She took it back to the table and sat down. He leaned forward and placed the glass on the table. Tables were covered with white linen table cloths and adorned with violet colored napkins inside light gray napkin holders. Damian reached across the table and touched her face, dismissing them. Han had laid out a few maps on the table near his desk. Fred looked down at the table, pretending it wasn't his turn, as he wrapped a chicken leg in a piece of dark bread. Carmen sighed as she placed a plate on the table. She began counting and then reached over to the end table for a pencil and paper. Having glanced through the dispatch he laid it on the table and looked at Prince Andrew, evidently considering something. Table sentence examples. He joined Dean at the kitchen table although Cynthia would have preferred having her private domain to herself. Examples: Mary is holding a green cup.. He then sat at the table, helping himself and his companion to the assorted pastries. These are to describe qualities of the noun or pronoun. To make an adjective clause, we need to find two ideas in these sentences that refer to the same thing. He pushed his breakfast to the side and put the tablet on the table. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Destiny glanced up at Carmen from her elevated chair at the table and then her attention swung back to Alex. In this post ,I am going to show you an example of an adjective in a sentence.So,look at the following sentence. The single file within was still empty. Her smile lit the table and she and her little brother, who was being the perfect gentlemen in his spring suit, were obvious­ly the pride and joy of Ma and Pa. At one point, the girl dropped her napkin and the boy reached beneath the table, picked it up, and replaced it daintily on her lap. He leaned back in the chair, tossing his glasses on the table. She was sitting at the table drinking a glass of milk when Katie walked in. She started to the table then stopped, unable to dismiss the feeling of the man's arms around her or what she'd felt when they touched. cried the prince abruptly, pushing the letter away, and leaning his elbows on the table he drew toward him the exercise book containing geometrical figures. The next time she glanced at the table where she had seen the driver, no one was there. The table was decorated with rare and beautiful plants and flowers. Adjective phrases: functions - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary For example: Mark’s new bike is red and yellow. She crossed to the table and lifted one from the plate, flinging it at him. He stopped at the opposite side of the table, within reach if he chose, which she suspected he would if she so much as flinched toward the access pad. She made her way to a coffee shop and sat at a table in the darker end of the shop, hot cocoa in hand. English. It's an old table. Deidre dropped her head to her arms on the table. He tossed the picture back on the table and drained the glass. She placed the brush on the table and left the room. He snatched the whiskey from her hand and placed their glasses on a table. Her idea of selecting the right fork brought to mind the choice between a table fork and a pitchfork. A bottle here, said Anatole, taking a glass from the table he went up to Pierre. A small table held an expensive looking scale. After getting them each a cup of coffee and a piece of the cherry pie she had made the day before, she sat down at the table with them. Adjective phrases should be placed immediately after the nouns they describe; to avoid confusion in meaning. before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 3, 15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 2, 15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1, Middle English, from Old English tabule & Anglo-French table; both from Latin tabula board, tablet, list, What do you call it? "Come on," Josh said curtly to Carmen, and led her to the table with a stride she couldn't hope to match. I sat at a table after randomly pulling half dozen books from the shelf. The princess rested her bare round arm on a little table and considered a reply unnecessary. He had requested a table in a corner of the room, away from wait staff traffic to and from the kitchen. For the most part, the facial expressions of those sitting around the table were sympathetic, but Dulce looked as if she was ready to break into tears. ), lay/put (all/all of) one's cards on the table. By using adjectives you will be able to paint a clearer picture and provide a more comprehensible message to the audience. Romas's eldest brother, who sat across and down the table from her, rose, a look of anger on his face. "Come in," Kris ordered from his spot at the conference table. As she did every day, she went to the table near his cluttered desk to await her blood draw and any other experiments he wanted to do. (origin) 6. He set down the tray on the small table near the blazing hearth and sat. The woman checked a ring binder on the picnic table, running down the names with her finger. He pushed away from the counter and pulled a chair out at the table. He wrapped the bottle up to its neck in a table napkin and poured out wine for himself and for Pierre. Kiki, the Ancient from Asia, sat beside Kris at the small conference table and looked him over with a frown. He is a brilliant boy. As she re-entered the kitchen, he watched her cross to the table. 5581 times. Finally he pushed away from the wall and crossed to the table. Infinitives as Adverbs His voice faded off as he realized that Lori and Josh were sitting at the opposite end of the table from Carmen. Sofia lay on the cold steel table, her tears still wet but her eyes open and staring blankly. Claire and Effie Quincy led the parade to the table. They sat on that table for two weeks, then I finally took them to a homeless shelter. Then he slipped quickly under the table and hid himself. She'd barely finished her omelet when the two people from the other table sat across from her. "Smells good enough to eat!" She slid into the chair across from Tammy, and Sarah sat down at the other end of the table. Nothing else matters, he said as he leaned across the table and kissed her. Fred sat at the table and began forking in the cold meat. They were led to a room with a long table in the center surrounded by chairs. Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives DRAFT. Carmen was setting the table when Alex and Jonathan came in. When the steaks were grilled and the corn and green beans boiled, the table was leaden with food, enough for a small army. She sat down and pulled her chair up to the table, glancing to see how Bill would react. Cynthia said it loud enough to turn heads at the adjoining table. Instead of seating himself on the traditional doctor's stool, Dr. Wynn sat beside her on the table, hands folded across one knee. Save. I study at a college. Then she went all round the table to see who was there, and finding no one but me, she seemed bewildered. The quarters were small, with nothing more than a table, a few trunks, and a cot. Señor Medena sat at the head of the long dining table, his three daughters on his left. She wiped a table and turned to take the dishes to the kitchen. The large table covered with books and plans, the tall glass-fronted bookcases with keys in the locks, the high desk for writing while standing up, on which lay an open exercise book, and the lathe with tools laid ready to hand and shavings scattered around--all indicated continuous, varied, and orderly activity. He kept his mouth wiped and never belched at the table. Alex replaced the pot on the burner and resumed his place at the table. Fred began setting the small kitchen table. In English, it is normal to use more than one adjective before a noun. The table was spread and supper was ready. The form of adjective is the same for singular nouns and plural nouns.. Katie set the phone on the table and stared at the kid's drawings on the fridge. The women turned to the table and gasped. 116. Her position at the table shifted as the program grew more complex; she dropped her feet to the ground and leaned forward, taking in the rapidly changing situation. 9. Minutes later he was back and settling down at the table opposite her. The adjective alkaline is commonly, and alkalescent less often, used in English as a synonym for basic, especially for bases soluble in water. I could hear the sound of a baby breathing coming from a monitor on the coffee table. she exclaimed as she sat at the table. He pointed to a small table across the pub, and she wondered how she'd missed the men at the table. They were just rising from the table when they heard a great noise in the street. This indicates that an adjective cannot be used without a noun, while a noun can be used singularly –without an adjective modifier- in a sentence. Her eyes strayed to the Horsemen on the table. When he turned to place their breakfast on the table near the patio, he thought he recognized her. She was as white as the garment she now casually pushed with one foot behind a hall table. The other three were sitting with their drinks and his sat on the table in front of Elisabeth. 89. Two of the cats, young and small enough to be kittens or perfectly sized adult tarantulas, detangled and darted from her pillow to the table. Her eyes were cast downward, and her glass still in place on the table. Carmen used the chore of setting the table to avoid his gaze. He came up behind her and took the coffee cup from her hands, sitting it on the table. 3. Now the million dollar offer is off the table. I can't think straight without a bottle on the table and a drink in my hand. Muscular and dark-skinned, Tamer was hunched over the table in the center of the room, putting the final magic touches on a new compass. 142. She sighed and held out her arm, setting the perfume on the table as she sat. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. Table definition is - a piece of furniture consisting of a smooth flat slab fixed on legs. Seizing control of himself, Two stepped forward and pushed her back, binding her to the table again. As she leaned over the table to put them in the serving containers, a glass came down on the table on each side of her – his hands still attached. We surprised our dear friends, however, for they did not expect us Saturday; but when the bell rung Miss Marrett guessed who was at the door, and Mrs. Hopkins jumped up from the breakfast table and ran to the door to meet us; she was indeed much astonished to see us. She turned to Katie, who was working a puzzle on a table in the kitchen. The kitchen clock ticked off thirty seconds before she put down her fork and pushed away from the table. "I can hardly wait to start our research on Aunt Annie!" I nodded and grabbed five plates out of the cabinet and put them on the table. A small round table and two chairs were placed in a corner near the doorway to the family room, providing a view of the fireplace. The predicate adjectives in the following examples are underlined. A steaming bowl of soup awaited her on the coffee table. Still, she poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down at the table. When the music stopped, he cupped one of her elbows and led her back to their table. He kissed her cheeks and waited for her to heft herself back onto the table. The deck was furnished with wicker furniture, two chairs fac­ing each other and a sofa with a coffee table in front of it. And in the middle was a rough table with benches around it instead of chairs. The crowd drew up to the large table, at which sat gray-haired or bald seventy-year-old magnates, uniformed and besashed almost all of whom Pierre had seen in their own homes with their buffoons, or playing boston at the clubs. No, tell them to bring a small table out here, my dear boy. Wednesday morning dawned with air so crisp Dean was awake before the alarm, awake to a knock down gorgeous day, "one of the ten best" prattled a cheery voice on the kitchen table radio. It's a broken table. His three other half brothers were already present and waiting, Erik pacing, Kiki at the table, and Tamer busy with his PDA. Connor got up from the table and moved even closer, glaring at him. "Don't be hard on yourself," he chided, pulling a rolling chair up to the exam table. He sat at the kitchen table, sipping the cold coffee and patting the cat. "Blow it up?" "Won't you come over to the other table?" All Rights Reserved. After introductions we gathered around the oak table to get acquainted as more beer and wine flowed. Head pulsing, she retreated to the kitchen and painkillers, staring at a picture drawn by a kid, probably Toby, on the table before her. She stood and began removing the plates from the table. With a grunt, Deidre lifted it and carried it to the table. The prince, who generally kept very strictly to social distinctions and rarely admitted even important government officials to his table, had unexpectedly selected Michael Ivanovich (who always went into a corner to blow his nose on his checked handkerchief) to illustrate the theory that all men are equals, and had more than once impressed on his daughter that Michael Ivanovich was "not a whit worse than you or I.".

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