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early american history degree

- December 6, 2020 -

Students pursuing an online bachelor's degree in history typically take classes in areas like premodern and modern history and Western and non-Western history. You will also take at least one writing seminar and three additional courses in either American history, early American literature (in the English department) or Early Modern European history. Some master's degree programs are designed to prepare teachers who want to teach American history at the high school level, allowing you to obtain licensure to teach. As a student in the Early American history program, you will take the introductory reading course: PDR I: North America from the Era of European Expansion to the United States, 16th-18th Centuries. If your professional experience includes research, writing, or the humanities, you likely already have many of the skills needed to launch a history … My connection to UD’s history education program did not end after graduation. Below is a short history and origin on the history of Academic Degrees, including the granting of the Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate degree in medieval Europe (also know as a doctoral or doctor's).This excerpt is from: The History of Academical Dress in Europe From the outset, you will be encouraged to plan and think about future employment and/or further study. One (four-hour) examination will be in the major area of concentration, and one (four-hour) examination will test the student's general knowledge of historiography from 100 AD to the present, including Early, Medieval, Renaissance, Early Modern, and American Church History. But there’s a wealth of hidden history nuggets that you might not know about. Students can often tailor an online history degree to match their interests by pursuing concentrations in areas like American history, Asian history, or ancient history. The first four of these may be introductory courses that cover European, American, and global history. American History to 1865 What Topics Are Studied? Comparative history Early modern Europe African-American studies World history What Careers Can I Pursue? The colonies grew both geographically and numerically from the time of their founding to the American Revolution (1775–81). SNHU offers an online Master of Arts in History along with 3 concentrations: American history, military history and public history. American Public University System, 111 W. Congress Street, Charles Town, WV 25414 | Toll Free: 877-755-2787 American Public University System (APUS) is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Public Education, Inc. (APEI). With over 135,000 learners enrolled at our university, many students have found that the format of our online programs provides the flexibility they need to pursue their degree while working full time. The department offers an M.A. American colonies, the 13 British colonies that were established during the 17th and early 18th centuries in the area that is now a part of the eastern United States. 01. of 08. The American Philosophical Society Library offers short-term residential fellowships for conducting research in its collections. History graduate degrees are fairly versatile. Here are ten of them. Special Topics in Early American History: 3.0 5010 Special Topics in Modern U.S. History: 3.0 5080 Special Topics in African American History: 3.0 5090 Special Topics in Atlantic World History: 3.0 5100 Special Topics in Latin American History: 3.0 5194 Combined … Completing your master's degree allows you to pursue several career options. They include writing, critical thinking, and organizational skills. You’ll explore the history of Europe, the Americas, Asia and the ancient and modern worlds. We offer graduate training leading to the M.A. PhD programs in American history allow students to examine several historical periods, such as early American history or the Civil War. Many history careers require a master's degree, but if you already hold a bachelor's degree, you may qualify for several graduate programs. All are useful regardless of your aspirations, but these attributes are essential in many occupations. As such, people holding advanced history degrees may find careers in a broad spectrum of industries. The other eight courses are completed at more advanced levels. A post-secondary History degree requires reaching beyond the American history timeline in a U.S. History textbook and developing the skills historians use to interpret primary documents, write a well-argued thesis, and bring together science and storytelling to better understand the past. My history education degree from the University of Delaware provided me with strong content background and the ability to create lessons to meet state and national standards. Non-thesis students choose a major field of study in early America, modern America, early Europe, modern Europe, and public/digital history. With so many choices it can be a challenge finding the right fit. You can access course materials for free, without credit. But, the history of the United States begins with those first early explorers, beginning with the Spanish, and continuing with various explorers from England, France, the Netherlands, and other European countries. History - 2020-21 University at Buffalo Undergraduate Degree and Course Catalog This list highlights 25 schools, all of which offer affordable online bachelor's in history degrees. Many seeking faculty positions in American colleges. 2021 Best Colleges for History. History is a very popular subject – in 2012, nearly 11,000 UK students graduated in a history-related course. Other positions value experience. The University of Nebraska's 36-credit online history master's degree includes both a thesis and a non-thesis option. American history can be divided into numerous eras. Let's explore the major events of those periods that shaped modern America. A degree in History and American Studies will provide you with a range of competencies and skills that will put you in strong position to enter a variety of professions. The Library is a leading international center for research in the history of American science and technology and its European roots, as well as early American history and culture. Fort Hays State University, ranked #2, offers an annual tuition rate of $6,560 for its Bachelor of General Studies - Historical Studies. U.S. History is not the same as American Studies, a degree program that mixes history, literature, art, and other subjects. Clayton State University, ranked #1, offers an online Bachelor of Arts in History for only $5,490 per year. Several dozen American college graduates taking advanced studies in German universities, returning to the United States as holder of the degree Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). American University Department of History on Instagram Back to top Teddy Roosevelt (right of man in white vest) watches the laying of the cornerstone for AU's McKinley Building, 1902. Degree granting in Medieval Europe . The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) hosts various American history courses through its OpenCourseWare (OCW) project. Learn how social change, cultural identity and institutions were shaped … and Ph.D. in a wide range of fields, including Early America, Modern America, African-American, Colonial and Modern Latin America, Military, Medieval and Early Modern Europe, Modern Europe, British and British Empire, South Asia, Imperial and Soviet Russia, Traditional and Modern China, Modern Japan, Africa, History of Medicine, and History of Scie The concentration that students pick doesn't impact how long it takes to earn the degree, and most students should be able to complete their degree in 4 years. Long before the Civil War and the days of the Wild West, early American History began with those first Native Americans who settled upon this land some 15,000 years ago. You might also have the option to choose from a selection of course modules focusing on a set period in a particular culture or country’s history, for example the history of the US from 1789-1865. Approximately 32,625 history degrees were granted to students last year in the United States. Of the 12 courses required to complete the major, at least two must be taken in each of the three areas: (1) European (2) American (3) African, Asian, Latin American, or Native American History. In this online program, students delve into a broad selection of online studies ranging from Military, Civil War, and World War II History, to American, European, Ancient, and Classical History, and more. 1860: 7 th Federal Census with US population at 32,000,000. The Age of Exploration. George Washington was the first President of the liberty-loving nation, and The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. Specializations which you may prefer to study as a dedicated degree program include art history, ancient history, military history, European history, American history and more. SuperStock/Getty Images. degree in the following fields: American history, early modern and modern European history, and medieval European history (with … The Age of Exploration lasted from the 15th through the 17th centuries. Obviously, there aren't 11,000 jobs as historians available every year, but history is a good, flexible degree that allows graduates to go into a wide range of different jobs. This year's Best Colleges for History ranking analyzed 313 colleges and universities that offer a bachelor's degree in history. Discover societies and events throughout history to deepen your understanding of the past and present. You'll study American social, economic and political history from the early 1600s through the Civil War. In addition to the subject knowledge, they build up research skills, written and verbal communication, critical thinking, not to mention a better understanding of people and society. Earning a bachelor's degree in history will provide a lot of career choices.In addition to gaining in-depth knowledge about the past, you will acquire the soft skills that many employers value. The Bachelor of Arts in History is offered entirely online and gives students the option to specialize their degree in one of 3 areas: American history, European and world history or public history. Careers in History. 100% Online Degrees & Certificates for History Professionals. The History Department at the University of Maryland is an excellent place to pursue graduate degrees in a wide variety of fields. Courses in African-American history explore major events such as the Civil War and the civil rights movement and examine topics such as slavery, race and gender. Both of these comprise rather well-known events throughout the course of American history.

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