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best winter wetsuit 2021

- December 6, 2020 -

WINTER WARMERS: There’s no excuse to not surf right through winter.Wetsuits are so technically advanced these days that getting knackered tends to call time on your session before the cold kicks in. As low as £109.95. Shop Xcel premium wetsuits for men, women, and youth. Bring the right gear to get to the summit and back. By continuing, we understand that you accept their use. M-Flex Neoprene; Fox Fleece Lining; Glued Blind Stitching; Critical Taping; Select a colour: Size guide. 2 Reviews. The Red Bull Magnitude is a new women's big wave video competition that will crown the best female performers of the Hawaiian winter season. Discover Discover. Rip Curl Women's Flashbomb 3/2 Chest Zip Wetsuit - 2019. Thanks to a stiffer center area, the EXO 2.0 perfectly supports the back. Material: Yulex natural rubber. Sale. This is your best choice for the winter or extremely cold conditions. O'Neill Psycho Freak Zen 3/2mm. Phrases and patented creations that evoke almost surreal levels of elasticity and warmth. ION - Wetsuits BS - Strike Amp Zipless Semidry 4,5/3,5 DL FEATURES. While Mystic wetsuits always strive to put performance first, the brand prides itself on leading-edge looks and graphics. Our top three wetsuit brands are O’Neill Wetsuits, Mystic and Prolimit Wetsuits. These booties are 85 percent Yulex like the Three Finger Mitts, but the ultra-warm thermal microgrid polyester-spedex lining—which warms the water trapped in there—makes them stand out from the competition. As low as $519.95. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Winter Wetsuit. Emma - December 2, 2020. The Epic now has many of the same sick features as our high-end wetsuits, including 100% UltraFlex neoprene, double seal neck closure, LSD (lumbar seamless design) and re-engineered covert black­out zip. Compare the harnesses Exo 2.0 and Eclipse. By the end of the twentieth century, surfers were riding waves in some of the most remote cold-water corners of the world – places like Scotland, Tasmania and Canada – in the dead of winter. We’re still open for orders, making deliveries and here to help, as always! Getting barreled is not the hardest thing in the world. Choosing a wetsuit is not always an easy decision and our staff are always on hand to talk you through options. Here’s a poorly kept surfing secret: winter is the best time to ride waves. I Wish I Was Kitesurfing – Pink – Women’s Organic T-Shirt black . Mystic is an accessories brand active in kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding and SUP producing products for those who want to push the boundaries. Best Match. By. Welcome to the Boardshop wetsuit temperature guide, this guide gives you an idea of which type and thickness of wetsuit will best suit your needs.. Wetsuits for surfing have developed hugely in recent years, they are lighter, more flexible and warmer than ever. Shop with confidence on eBay! MEN'S . One reason? Michael Claisse is an independent content creator making animated videos about surfing and the oceans. Then, it's time to pick the ideal thickness, depending on the temperature conditions of your most surfed spots. Winter Wetsuits are something a necessity here up North on the East Coast so we know a thing or two about the cold. For Winter 2021 Mystic has launched the One Series suits. Drain_Holes. This winter wetsuit is without doubt one of the very best cold-water wetsuits available. So, no water will seep in, that's for sure. Please be aware of this when placing your order. Winter (31) Wetsuit Zip: Chest Zip (13) Back Zip (6) Zipless Entry (1) Size: MS (20) MT (12) LS (9) ML (7) S (19) M (16) L (18) XL (13) XXL (4) Colour: Black (21) Multi (5) Blue (2) Green (2) Grey (1) Price : Customer Reviews: and Up (2) and Up (2) and Up (2) and Up (2) Men's 5mm Wetsuits. Climbing Gear. When it comes to keeping your children warm in the water Sorted Surf Shop has sourced the best and warmest wetsuits in the market. Rating: 100%. Sort By: SALE. Well, in that case, you’ve come to the right place because in today’s article we’ll be taking a look at the 13 best wetsuits for open water swimming. Simply throw the beast on and get busy underneath—no worries about your towel falling off. TYR Hurricane Cat 1 Open Water Wetsuit- Best Overall Budget Wetsuit. We are experiencing longer than normal delays in our shipping process. Red Bull Magnitude: the new women's big wave video contest, A surfer is pouring his passion for the ocean into videos, Switzeland's Alaïa Bay wave pool opens Spring 2021, © 2020 | All Rights Reserved. Our winter wetsuits are available in size from UK 6 to UK18. Slowtide has nailed the towel game and the company’s Digs poncho is the tool you want for changing in parking lots or next to highways. 0. If you are looking for a great … ION Wetsuit Drysuit Fuse Lightweight Men - Best Dry Suit. Home EQUIPMENT Best Reviewed Womens Wetsuits 2021. ION Products uses cookies to offer you the best experience on our website. When you’re dealing with cold weather, hot water is key for an after-surf rinse. Women’s Wetsuits for Surfing @emi_erickson cruising in a spring suit. The full super stretch wetsuits are great and can be more expensive. Check the wetsuit size chart to pick the right model for your body. £20.99 . Wetsuits have two more important variables. Your kit is the key to enjoying this bounty. Stay warm, stay safe. Xcel Winter 2020 Wetsuits. Body Glove Red Cell 3/2mm Chest-Zip Fullsuit, Body Glove Red Cell 5/4/3mm Chest-Zip Hooded Fullsuit, Soöruz develops oyster powder-based wetsuit, Scientists test a shark bite-resistant wetsuit. Learn more on our About section. Rating: 30%. See our guide to the best winter jackets of 2020-2021, with reviews of the warmest men’s and women’s jackets from The North Face, Patagonia, Marmot, REI, and more. Free Shipping ION; ONeill; Select Department. The best surf wetsuits in the world are developed and produced by Billabong, Body Glove, Hurley, O'Neill, Quiksilver, Rip Curl, Roxy, Volcom and Xcel. ION - Wetsuits BS - Strike Amp Zipless Semidry 4,5/3,5 DL Size 54 XL Black Pigeon 2017 - Express . We can help you choose the right wetsuit based on your specific need. The spectacular wetsuit company TYR makes another appearance on our list and sweeps the competition by not only providing the best performing men’s triathlon wetsuit that we saw but by also doing the same in a separate category and taking the best men’s swimskin triathlon wetsuit as well. Now, take a look at the best wetsuits for the 2020/2021 season: 3/2mm | Spring & Summer:Billabong Furnace Comp 3/2mm, 4/3mm | Autumn & Winter:Billabong Furnace Comp Chest Zip 4/3mm, 3/2mm | Spring & Summer:Body Glove Red Cell 3/2mm Chest-Zip Fullsuit, 5/4/3mm | Autumn & Winter:Body Glove Red Cell 5/4/3mm Chest-Zip Hooded Fullsuit, 3/2mm | Spring & Summer:Hurley Advantage Plus 3/2mm, 4/3mm | Autumn & Winter:Hurley Advantage Plus 4/3mm, 3/2mm | Spring & Summer:O'Neill Psycho Freak Zen 3/2mm, 4/3mm | Autumn & Winter:O'Neill Psycho Freak Zen 4/3mm, 3/2mm | Spring & Summer:Patagonia R3 Yulex 3/2mm, 4/3mm | Autumn & Winter:Patagonia R4 Yulex 5/4/3mm, 3/2mm | Spring & Summer:Quiksilver Highline Plus 3/2mm Chest Zip, 4/3mm | Autumn & Winter:Quiksilver Highline Plus 4/3mm Chest Zip, 3/2mm | Spring & Summer:Rip Curl Flashbomb Heatseeker 3/2mm, 4/3mm | Autumn & Winter:Rip Curl Flashbomb Heatseeker 4/3mm, 3/2mm | Spring & Summer:Roxy Performance 3/2mm Chest Zip, 4/3mm | Autumn & Winter:Roxy Syncro Plus 4/3mm Back Zip, 3/2mm | Spring & Summer:Volcom Neo Jacket, 4/3mm | Autumn & Winter:Volcom Chesticle Jacket, 3/2mm | Spring & Summer:Xcel Drylock X 3/2mm, 4/3mm | Autumn & Winter:Xcel Drylock X 4/3mm. $189.99. Huge selection watersprots products 2021 models brands: ION & Neil Pryde Wetsuits, Fanatic SUP, Windsurfing, Duotone kites. If you want to benefit from this improved service, please opt-in. I Wish I Was Kitesurfing – White – Men’s T-Shirt black . Rip Curl’s Departed Anti Series Fleece features a super-warm fleece lining, a DWR coating, and a new full zip and high collar that almost make this a jacket on its own. Summer Wetsuits. 21 sold. MYSTIC. Free postage. 21-DAY RIGHT OF RETURN. It is one of the classic and old-school wetsuit collections from the brand but remains a top choice for summer surfing outfits with its latest technology features. Accept Cookies . Find the best winter wetsuit here. EQUIPMENT; Best Reviewed Womens Wetsuits 2021. The wetsuit review has been updated on October 4, 2020. We do our best to process and ship orders within 1-2 business days (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays). Free Shipping. We offer a wide range of wakeboard and waterski wetsuits, including spring suits, steamers and Jetski suits. Free Standard Shipping On All Orders COVID-19 Update. We are stoked on … Whether you’re searching for waves or letting the dog out, they’re the antidote to cold piggies. We put these through the wringer for months, both surfing and kiting, and noticed little wear. Explore our wetsuits. Today wetsuits are warmer, more flexible, and more comfortable than ever before. O'Neill Youth Reactor 3/2 Surfing Wetsuit. There are different types of wetsuits that you can choose from: One-piece wetsuit – This wetsuit covers your torso and it extends up to your neck, wrists, and ankles. Sort by Sort by Top Sellers. ... Neoprene Collection . Heatseekers and Flashbombs. Use it to dry off like a normal towel, then simply hang it up in the laundry room. Like last year, this wetsuit is engineered with Glued Blind Stitched seams. Rip Curl Omega 5/3mm Back Zip Kids Wetsuit 2021 - Slate. Marshall Series. But winter surfing creates the ultimate conundrum: brisk offshore winds groom these waves into great conditions that just keep rolling—but they’re in sync only with what most sane folks would consider unbearable weather. Safe Purchase $229.99. $179.99. Then there’s the warmth. Hell, the Voltt is so warm it’s almost like eating a pizza straight out of the oven! List view. The Best Gear for Mountaineering. That interior will have you ready for a post-session beach fire and beer despite the season. O'Neill Hyperfreak 5.5/4. Women’s wetsuits for surfing come in a variety of styles, cuts, and thicknesses. Xcel Infiniti X2 . It allows you to rebuild the pressure later (optimal pressure sans pump lasted about three minutes). Rip Curl Wetsuits Rubber Soul Plus 3mm Split Toe Boots. Tips and Best Practices ... Winter wetsuits; Select SUP Wear Brands. Expert advice from passionate kiters. Get the wetsuit you’ve been dreaming about… There’s something absurdly wonderful in the way brand’s wetsuits and wetsuit tech is named. $219.99. The best surf wetsuits in the world are developed and produced by Billabong, Body Glove, Hurley, O'Neill, Quiksilver, Rip Curl, Roxy, Volcom and Xcel. New wetsuit SEAFARER. Men + Women + Neoprene Collection . With King of the point on again this season, we thought it was high time we looked at our best suits for winter 2019/20. Description & Features; Delivery & Returns; Size Guide; Video; Take a look at the new 2021 Mystic Majestic 5/3mm Back-Zip Men's Winter Wetsuit at S2AS! For the high-tech surfers who need to feel 100 percent comfortable, there's always the battery-heated wetsuit that will keep you as if you were in front of the fireplace. Women should check out the Ember series for a similar suit. If you're buying a sealed and taped wetsuit, you'll have panels that are blind stitched and glued, and then tape is applied over the glue on the inside of the suit. Our mission to inspire readers to get outside has never been more critical. The Majestic wetsuit series has a long lasting stamp of quality for its reputation of being created with the finest neoprene on the market. Sale. (Best Overall - Editor's Choice) Shop now at Amazon. When you buy something using the retail links in our stories, we may earn a small commission. Discover Discover. The shearling lining makes these things super cozy and, being slippers, they’re easy to get on and off. Play Video. Fact: if your hands get cold when you’re surfing, the rest of your body will soon follow. FULLSUITS; SPRINGSUITS; WETSUIT TOPS; BOOTS; GLOVES; HOODS; WOMENS; YOUTH; WETSUIT … We will not share your email with anyone for any reason. We have a full range of Winter wetsuits, from the very best brands available. They’re minimalist but durable, and ours have survived countless walks across sharp rocks and trail jaunts for water access, thanks to the diamond-grip rubber sole. X. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Contact us for sizes outside this range. In recent years, Outside Online has reported on groundbreaking research linking time in nature to improved mental and physical health, and we’ve kept you informed about the unprecedented threats to America’s public lands. Fast, Free Shipping & 0% Finance available Wetsuits is the main part of our business and we pride ourselves on having a huge range from the best wetsuit brands available. Before you paddle out, fill the Pod with hot water, seal it, and you have a toasty shower at the end of your session a few hours later. ION Roof Straps 25 or 38 - Buy Car Accesories for Surf Now! As low as $52.46 Regular Price $69.95. By continuing, we understand that you accept their use. The photo and video competition aims to celebrate the best waves ridden around the UK and Ireland during the winter months. Making a financial contribution to Outside Online only takes a few minutes and will ensure we can continue supplying the trailblazing, informative journalism that readers like you depend on. Our warehouse is always full with over 10,000 suits from O’Neill Wetsuits, Mystic Wetsuits and Ion Wetsuits, plus much more. Water_Gate_3D. O'Neill Youth Epic 5/4 Chest Zip Winter Wetsuit 2021 Clean graphics and sharp style lines make the Epic the best value wetsuit in the industry. Teamed with suitable accessories these superhero suits will see you toasty right through the deepest parts of winter. Sunglass_Loop. The best wetsuits for your height and weight are the ones that stay close to your body, perfectly fit in the neck, torso, arms and legs. Sort by; Title A-Z ; Title Z-A ; Price Low-High ; Price High-Low ; Most Recent ; Top Sellers ; Featured ; Release Date ; Size. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Thanks for signing up! With the biggest selection of wetsuits in the Northeast, we nerd out over wetsuit technology year after year so you don't have to do the digging. 2021 Winter Buyer’s Guide The Best Cold-Weather Surfing Kit of 2021 Score peak-season waves no matter how low the mercury goes (Photo: Courtesy the Companies) Joseph Carberry. It’s made from 100 percent terry cotton, which is plush and feels like a warm blanket. New wetsuit SEAFARER. Winter weather is no match for these warm and cozy pairs. Shop Online at Quiksilver's Store. Mens Winter wetsuits are a key part of the business - selling suits to those hardcore surfers and kiters, braving the coldest waters, can't be taken lightly! Subscribe to our newsletters to stay up-to-date on the latest outdoor news. But it’s also light enough to be a midlayer when skiing or riding if you feel like crossing over. The O’Neill Hyperfreak 5/4+mm Hooded chest zip winter wetsuit for Chilfren is a new suit for 2021 and has been upgraded to now include fully taped seams to ensure no water intake whilst maintaining flexibility. OluKai created the Kipuka Hulu with just these chilly dawn patrols in mind. Worldwide Delivery! At sorted surf shop we stock a massive range of high quality men's winter wetsuits, all come with Free UK and EU delivery. Secure online payment. The winner and overall ‘Warrior’ of the winter will WIN A CUSTOM BOARD of their choice from any of the world class shapers that *Down the Line stock plus a full winter wetsuit … Built by a boutique wetsuit manufacturer, the One offers a truly outspoken look … Foot Wear ; 26 Items . The Xcel wetsuit range is growing all the time, read on to discover their latest suits and the innovative technologies they are using to help keep you warm this winter. We stock a huge range of men and women's Mystic wetsuits, one of the best brands in the market when it comes to quality, function, design and looks. Star Series. Check Out the ION Products on! Pay with Paypal & Credit, Debit cards, BTC . $189.99. As low as $386.96 Regular Price $429.95. Check out our Wetsuit Range Guide. Browse our range of winter wetsuits at best prices. Whether surfing, diving, water-skiing or distance swimming is your thing, the Aquaria women's black full wetsuit is a comfortable and smart choice for watersports. 1-48 of 310 results. News. Our rigorous coverage helps spark important debates about wellness and travel and adventure, and it provides readers an accessible gateway to new outdoor passions. Contact us for sizes outside this range. 2021 Mystic Marshall 4/3mm Front-Zip Men's Wetsuit (Black) Product Code: 17811 £ 224.00 £ Key Features . Mens Winter Wetsuits Mens Winter wetsuits are a key part of the business - selling suits to those hardcore surfers and kiters, braving the coldest waters, can't be taken lightly! See more. Let’s face it. To inspire active participation in the world outside through award-winning coverage of the sports, people, places, adventure, discoveries, health and fitness, gear and apparel, trends and events that make up an active lifestyle. Even with the pump, it’s difficult to empty all the water, but it works well when full, giving you or your gear a warm rinse. The most common models are sold with full zipper, half zipper and zipperless options. They’re expensive but well worth the coin if you frequently surf in brisk waters. Marshall 4/3 Longarm Shortleg / back-zip. At Wetsuit Centre, we stock the best quality wetsuits in a wide range of styles and sizes, from summer to winter. H20 Sports Ltd Specialists for Paddle Boards, SUP, Wetsuits, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing Wakeboarding And kayaks. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $100. You might think that one orphaned digit (your pointer) would get cold, but that isn’t the case, and it actually adds control for your hand, allowing you to feel the rails of your board when getting to your feet or duck diving—a sensation you often can’t get in full mittens. Let’s face it. Seal_Tite. We have a full range of Winter wetsuits, from the very best brands available. Sealed panels are blind-stitched and then glued to prevent water from entering through the seams. 2021 collection. O'Neill Epic 4/3mm Chest Zip Girls Wetsuit 2020 - Navy / Berry. If you are looking for the best wetsuit option from a top-quality brand, you won’t go wrong with the O’Neill O’Riginal 2mm Sleeveless Spring Wetsuit. O'Neill Wetsuits. ION Products uses cookies to offer you the best experience on our website. Finisterre Nieuwland 3E. Now, take a look at the best wetsuits for the 2020/2021 season: The photo and video competition aims to celebrate the best waves ridden around the UK and Ireland during the winter months. The 24 Best Cyber Monday Fashion Deals of 2020; The Best Coated Skinny Jeans a Fashion Editor Loves; 25 Fashion and Beauty Gifts That Are On Sale Right Now; 27 Warm Winter Blazers Every Fashion Girl Should Know About; The Best Men’s Fashion Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020; 2021’s Biggest Fashion Trends Are on Sale for Black Friday As with all of our online products we try our best to provide the colours indicated in the photo, if you require an … Some of the year’s best conditions are on the horizon and a quality winter suit makes all the difference to … The Adaptive Shell Technology provide better support, reduced weight and increased durability. Click & Collect. Majestic Series. In 1952 Jack O'Neill invents the world's first wetsuit and O'Neill was born! If you're surfing quite regularly in Alaska, a dry wetsuit, hood, booties and gloves are compulsory. So please give us a shout if you’re in doubt. Contact us if you need any assistance. the best prices online. It is an ideal spring suit. 2021 Winter Buyer’s Guide The Best Cold-Weather Surfing Kit of 2021 Score peak-season waves no matter how low the mercury goes ... Isurus Ti Evade 4.3 Hooded Chest Zip Winter Wetsuit … The O’Neill Kids HyperFreak 5.5/4mm wetsuit has been our best selling kids 5mm winter steamer for the last few winter seasons. Best Prices Wetsuit Outlet Surf Store! FREE SHIPPING EUROPE orders over 99€ * FREE WORLDWIDE from 199€ * COVID-19 Our delivery sometimes can be delayed 2 - 7 days! Furnaces and Hyperbutter. We believe in carrying the best winter wetsuits available and helping you make the right decision for your next suit. Are you in search of an open water swimming wetsuit to give you a boost in the water while providing some added warmth and insulation? Free and fast worldwide delivery. Find more newsletters on our, our entire suite of free newsletters here. I opt-in to a better browsing experience. A well-placed zip pocket in the chest is perfect for fin and car keys, and the hood fits tightly over your noggin for guaranteed warmth, thanks to synthetic insulation that keeps you warm even if you get wet. The 85 percent Yulex (Patagonia’s proprietary rubber, derived from hevea trees) keeps your hands extremely warm, while a heavy-duty wrist gasket seals out water. This neoprene, 5mm wetsuit is designed for full body coverage, which is essential for keeping warm in icy waters. But what should you do to maximize tube time when riding the perfect blue barreling wave? For more information and cookie settings, please refer to our News. We hope you’ll support us. Seams: Blind … Of course, the seams have also been enforced with junction tape on the critical points. A new fan favorite from O'Neill is the Hyperfreak 5.5/4. Outside does not accept money for editorial gear reviews. Discover. Mens 5mm Wetsuit. Psycho Tech 5.4/4 Chest Zip Winter Wetsuit 2021 is available from H20 Sports with Free Delivery at the best available online price. There are three main wetsuit decisions that you should make. It is crucial to get the right fit for your winter wetsuit and we are happy to give you sizing advice or if you are in Dublin you are welcome to come to our store and try on a wetsuit with our expert staff at hand to offer you advice on the best wetsuit and size for you. Check the wetsuit size chart to pick the right model for your body. However, a drop in temperature doesn’t mean you need to confine yourself to land for the next few months. Kitesurfing Drysuit, windsurfing Drysuit, Sup Drysuit. Their 2021 Fall/Winter wetsuit line up has caught our attention, and we’ve got it all, right here. The Ti Evade features 100 percent premium Japanese rubber lined with titanium, which reflects your body heat back to you, and a cozy fleece next to your skin also helps keep your core toasty. Only the essentials in mind: Warmth, comfort, durability. For more information and cookie settings, please refer to our €339.95 €249.95 €249.95. Discover our latest Technologies & Styles. … If you find the right mix of gear that’s thick enough to keep the chill out but also gives you freedom of movement, you’ve hit the sweet spot to score all winter long. Rip Curl Flash Bomb Heat Seeker 4/3 Zip Free Wetsuit. Shipping information. Footwear; Select Type of wear. It is also possible to combine winter wetsuits and summer wetsuits, depending on your budget. We’ve reviewed our hooded suits and after talking to customers, employees, and team riders, these are the 6 best wetsuits for cold water surfing. The stretch and flexibility of modern neoprene can range from 30-100 percent. Marshall 3/2 Shorty / front-zip. If you're still unsure about which wetsuit is appropriate for your surfing needs, compare the different types of neoprene protection. For long winter sessions. Winter temps are closing in, so we're here to shed some light on the new winter rubber for 2020-2021. £119.95. Contour_Cut. Hoodies work anywhere, but there’s nothing like a cozy, reliable one for a surf check. The Winter 20/21 HyperFreak is an O'Neill Team Rider inspired wetsuit and has benefited from hours of R&D in some of the most demanding conditions around the world. Ion. Twitter. Colours. Shorty wetsuit – This one provides cover for your torso, thighs, and upper arms. RinseKit’s new Pod attaches to a hose for filling and pressurizing like the original, but it’s also compatible with an optional aftermarket pump that can replace the drain cap. Introducing the world’s first neoprene-free wetsuits: Patagonia's entire line of full suits is now made with Yulex™ natural rubber. In the flatlock stitching models, each panel is stitched both on the outside and inside of the suit. Each year brings new advancements to make surfing more enjoyable, and 2019 is no exception. Having used several Isurus suits over the years, we can attest to their durability. Steep slopes and snow make for fun—but hazardous—terrain. Gul Mens Response 5/3 Steamer Wetsuit Winter Swim Dive Surf Kayak Canoe. Morning surf checks are all about comfort: cup of coffee in hand, robe (or poncho) over the shoulders, and slippers on the toes as you drive from one break to another deciding where to paddle out. Star 3/2 Shortarm / back-zip. The Voltt wetsuit is back for the 2021 season with the new Yamamoto 39 flexible neoprene, one of the best neoprene materials in the market. Facebook. Looking for something else? Read more about our policy. For long winter sessions. ... Where To Buy The Best Children's Winter Wetsuits? 0. Menu. Also, some surfers have special zipper preferences. The winner and overall ‘Warrior’ of the winter will WIN A CUSTOM BOARD of their choice from any of the world class shapers that *Down the Line stock plus a full winter wetsuit kit. Developed with the frigid waters of the company’s Northern California birthplace in mind, Isurus wetsuits have serious cold-weather chops. You are now subscribed to Gear Fix … £18.49 . Wetsuits Boardbags ... 2021 collection. Marshall 3/2 Longarm Shorty / front-zip.

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