We are COVID-19 safe

- July 10, 2020 -

GB•PIZZA•CO reopening, 17th July 2020

We are please and confident to confirm we have complied with the government guidelines for the management of risk of Covid-19. We have carried out Covid-19 risk assessments which have been shared with all staff. We have additional cleaning & handwashing procedures in place according to current guidelines. We have taken reasonable steps to maintain a safe distance in the workplace in line with current guidelines & where staff & guests cannot maintain social distance, we are doing everything we can to minimise the risk. All staff have carried out online and in-person training to ensure our already-high standards of cleaning and safety meet and go beyond government guidelines.

Staff Members 

  • All staff have completed a return to work questionnaire before restarting work after the lockdown to include Covid-19 references. 
  • Prior to arrival at work staff will complete a Covid-19 Daily Health Check & act accordingly. 
  • Once they arrive at work all staff will have a temperature check logged. There will be hand sanitiser available for immediate use when they enter the building. 
  • All staff will change as soon as they arrive at work into uniforms or appropriate workwear & outer clothing will be stored in lockers. 
  • Staff will wear visors at all times, adhering to the procedure for putting on a face mask & will wear gloves appropriately. 
  • Staff will wash their hands for 20 seconds at least every 30 minutes. 
  • Disposable gloves will be used for preparation & cleaning tasks.
  • There will be no physical contact such as handshakes permitted.


  • All suppliers will be asked to provide their procedures relating to Covid-19.
  • Deliveries will be processed in a designated area by staff members who will wear gloves for the duration. They will then remove gloves & wash hands. 


  • Tables will be set using gloves & face masks. 
  • All menus will be single use only. Any menus previously used will be disposed of. 
  • Guests will be asked to strictly adhere to their booking times to ensure social distancing guidelines can be met. 
  • There will be sanitiser available to use when guests arrive. 
  • There will be no physical contact such as handshakes permitted. 
  • Hand sanitiser & sanitising wipes will be available for all guests & staff throughout the restaurant. 
  • After any interaction with guests which results in possible contaminated contact, such as clearing plates & glasses, staff are required to wash/sanitise their hands. 
  • Guests will be asked to check with staff if the bathrooms are free to use. 
  • PDQ machines & bill folders will be sanitised before & after use. 
  • When guests have finished their meal they may be asked to wait while other guests leave the restaurant to help with maintaining social distancing.