Visiting Shipton Mill

- March 17, 2012 -

"gourmet wood-fired pizza"

We picked up some supplies from Shipton Mill this week – the most beautiful spot for a serious food producing outfit that we’ve ever seen. Just a couple of miles from Tetbury, we got horribly lost trying to find it. Mental note to selves: never trust a sat-nav with just a postcode when in the wilds of the countryside. So as we winded down and around country lanes, we didn’t mind nearly as much when we stumbled across a wonderful little wine merchants.
Vinotopia is set in a beautiful old farm building that’s been dressed up with some contemporary touches. A triple-height barn, it’s packed to the original rafters with bottles of exquisitely chosen wines. Whilst asking directions to Shipton Mill (they didn’t know the precise location, but looked it up on their lovely iMac for us), we perused the shelves and ended up spending a few quid on a delicious bottle of Priorat – one of our favourite Spanish regions.
Back to flour: down a dusty lane, in a sleepy hollow is the original mill. A kitchen garden and wood-fired oven sit in their gardens, a couple of tame pheasants trotted around and their office buildings sit above the river that once powered the millstones. Things are a little more hi-tech these days, but there’s still an artisanal approach to flour making. They’ve blended four different flours for us to test out for the optimum dough, and we can’t wait to get them into our Kitchenaid mixer.