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organisational skills in nursing

- December 6, 2020 -

Everyone can benefit by developing their leadership skills, and it is essential for advancing your career in nursing. Good communication between nurses and patients is vital for the successful outcome of individualised nursing care of each patient. Furthermore, the researchers of this study with work experience as clinical nurses or nursing managers at hospitals as well as clinical instructors emphasized the evaluation of the professional competency and the organizational commitment as well as their inter-relationships. One of the reasons for the high levels of the professional competency in the legal/ethical practice dimension could be explained by the nature of nursing work that nursing is a profession with inherently legal/ethical practice and these are among the professional values which are frequently highlighted in nursing educational courses and at the work place. Two studies reported that newly graduated nurses were weak in terms of their clinical competency [29,30]. The Ethics Committee affiliated with Kerman University of Medical Sciences approved the conductance of this study as well as the consent procedure (Medical Ethic No: ir.kmu.rec.05.1395). However, there was a significant, but poor correlation between the normative commitment and the dimensions of interpersonal relationships (ρ = 0.13, P = 0.04) as well as professional development (ρ = 0.18, P = 0.006). Data were gathered by three questionnaires including socio-demographic information, competency inventory for registered nurse (CIRN) and Allen Meyer's organizational commitment. An organized nurse can manage their time effectively and know how to allocate hours in a day to prepare for, … About 94% of the respondents were employed in the position of a regular nurse and their age (53.9%) was between 30 and 40 years old. In order to achieve the goals of the health system, manpower is required to have not only expertise, empowerment and competency, but also high levels of organizational attachment and commitment as well as willingness to become involved in the activities beyond their common and pre-determined duties. There was likewise no significant correlation between other dimensions of the professional competency and the organizational commitment (Table 4). This result is in agreement with studies by Liu et al., [27] and Karimi-Moonaghi et al., [32]. In this respect, the duties associated with research activities related to professions including attendance in organizational meetings, participation in research studies and application of their results in practice can strengthen the professional competency at the work place. As they move into more responsible positions, nurses need the ability to handle the issues that arise with many different patients, often all at once. There was also no statistically significant relationship between the professional competency and the organizational commitment. Responses to this questionnaire were based on a 5-point Likert scale, with strongly agree (score 5), agree (score 4), neutral (score 3), disagree (score 2) and strongly disagree (score 1). Adaptability is something a nurse must bring with them to the job. Nurses' poor competency may lead to some undesirable consequences including nurses' frustration, job dissatisfaction, and their attrition [5]. In Iran, these results were consistent with the findings of a study [49], and also disagreed with another study [44]. This agrees with a generally accepted view that the affective commitment has the strongest and most consistent relationship with desirable outcomes. An organized nurse can manage their time effectively and know how to allocate hours in a day to prepare for, conduct and follow up on events and activities. And what’s even better is that these skills can be used at home or at work, and are equally useful in both. The sample size was calculated based on Cochran’s formula (α = 0.05, d = 0.05, Z = 1.96) by 190 individuals and, in total, 240 nurses were recruited in the study by taking into account the probability of participant loss. Our members represent more than 60 professional nursing specialties. In line with the present study, studies have reported significant relationships between the empowerment and the organizational commitment of nurses [51], the professional growth and the organizational commitment [18] as well as the psychological empowerment and the organizational commitment [52]. Moreover, it should be noted that professional competency is a multi-faceted phenomenon, which can be related to nursing education system, views and attitudes of the system to nurses and nursing and socio-economic as well as cultural factors. Resources, Department of Community Health Nursing, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran, Roles It should be noted that the continuance commitment is associated with the benefits and costs of staying in/leaving an organization. All the nurses in this study (100%) had moderate levels of the organizational commitment and the overall mean score for their commitment was (72.80±4.95, range: 58–81). Copyright: © 2017 Karami et al. affective commitment, normative commitment and continuance commitment. Software, Nurses and organizations are two inseparable factors affecting each other in the field of health; however, the results of nursing activities can be satisfied when they meet their organizational commitment, have professional skills and competency and know themselves as a part of an organization they are involved in. In addition, patients expect nurses to be competent and to behave them in a reasonable way. Informed consent was implied from returning the completed questionnaires. Three questionnaires were used for data collection. Review an example of a resume highlighting the candidate's nursing skills, and read below for a list of five of the most important nursing skills, as well as a longer list of other skills employers seek when hiring nurses and nurse practitioners. Funding acquisition, No, Is the Subject Area "Resource management" applicable to this article? This descriptive-analytic study was conducted at two teaching and referral hospitals affiliated with Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences (RUMS) in the southeast of Iran from March to June 2016. Weng et al., [18] highlighted that when the organization provides a good career growth platform for their employees by helping them meet career goals and enhance their professional abilities, and rewards them in return via promotions and remuneration, those employees are more apt to reciprocate and develop a sense of moral obligation toward the organization. The reasons for lower research-related competency are probably the inappropriate attitudes towards the use of research- and evidence-based practice and low self-efficacy in this field as well as weaknesses in information literacy skills such as searching for relevant information resource, manner of data organization in databases, skills for data recovery and evaluation of evidence. Organizational Skills: Definition & Examples for Your Resume In terms of the level of education, 93.5% had Bachelor’s degrees; they also had 6 to 15 years of work experience (46.1%). Nurses also require problem-solving, active listening, and clinical skills to assess and treat patients. The inclusion criteria were having Bachelor’s degrees or higher, work experience over 6 months, working in the position of a clinical nurse or a head nurse at the time of data collection and good mental and psychological conditions. While the specific organizational procedures may vary from workplace to workplace and specialty and specialty, some basic organizational tools can help increase any nurse's efficiency. here. No, Is the Subject Area "Allied health care professionals" applicable to this article? Nurses wear many hats as they address patient concerns, file paperwork and respond to doctors' demands. It's not easy to learn the specific organizational skills needed as a nurse, and yet it's very important in the fast-paced healthcare environment where most nurses are forced to hone these skills. Organizational commitment as a kind of affective attachment or sense of loyalty to the organization is an effective factor for professional competency. The results of Spearman’s coefficient revealed no statistically significant correlation between the professional competency in the nurses and their organizational commitment (ρ = 0.02, P = 0.74). Writing – review & editing, * E-mail: farokhzadian2010@yahoo.com (JF); golnazf@yahoo.com (GF), Affiliations Formal analysis, In this respect, organizational commitment is defined as involvement in a particular organization and beliefs in values and goals of the organization, sense of loyalty to the organization, moral obligations, heartfelt inclinations and sense of need to stay in the organization [13]. Yes Future studies can be performed using different methods of competency evaluation such as 360 degree evaluation method or evaluating via new and scientific methods to help determine the actual competency. Nursing Research Center, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran, For more information about PLOS Subject Areas, click A comprehensive directory of professional nursing organizations from the #1 hospital review site & largest job board for nurses. This incompatibility can be explained by the fact that ICU nurses at bed-side nursing care are more familiar with safe, direct patient- centered care (when using these competencies frequently in daily care) than with adherence to ethical codes, general health care legislation, and transplantation legislation [28]. Organizational theory considers how organizations are structured in an effort to better understand how that structure impacts productivity, efficiencies and effectiveness.

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