GB•PIZZA•CO® Didsbury
113 Lapwing Lane, Didsbury, M20 6UR
Tel: 0161 434 9900

The suppliers we use are very important to us. Wherever we can, we use British, seasonal produce. Our sauce is homemade and slow-cooked; our dough is made to our exact recipe – it took us three months to perfect it, so that it creates a light, crispy, thin pizza – using British 00 flour.

| Charcuterie |

Our British charcuterie is supplied by the wonderful Cannon & Cannon who are based in Borough Market in London. They have sourced lovingly-cured meats from all over the UK, including our sulphite-free air-dried ham made by the Oxsprings family and our Bath Pig chorizo – which is made especially for us – from near Bradford. |

| Meat |
Grant stumbled across the wonderful Littlewoods Butchers when out sourcing ales. The pork pie he had there for lunch was so perfect, that he asked if he could speak to them about local, ethically-reared ham. The staff are warm and knowledgeable and we’re so pleased that we’re working with them to supply our locally-reared cooked meats, including the delicious thickly-cut ham for our ham and mushroom pizza. |

| Coffee |

We love coffee. We need coffee. Grant and Kally know the best coffee joints in town and they all seem to have one thing in common: Heart & Graft. The Salford-based roasters, Sean and James, do magical things with beans, and they’ve been helping us set up our coffee offering from scratch, including recommending kit and training our staff. |

| Ice cream |

We care about what we put in our bodies and we care about what we put into our pizzas, and we love companies that care about what they put in their products, too. Northern Bloc ice cream, based in Leeds, only use ingredients free from artificial ingredients. Their flavour selection is sublime and are created by the company’s very own chef and ice cream master. |

| Apple juice |

We were thrilled to be invited to the Dunham Massey orchards near Altrincham. This family-owned and run company creates delicious local apple juice from hand-picked apples. 100% organic, this is one of the most delicious apple juices we’ve tried – which is why we asked Alan from Dunham Massey if we could stock it. He said yes! |

| Ales |

Grant has a keen eye for a good ale house and stumbled across Heaton Hops as he was exploring Greater Manchester (it’s actually next door to Littlewoods Butchers – handy), looking out for furniture and cool light fittings for the restaurant. (He clearly also has a good eye for ale houses). The award-winning tap house and bottle shop will be putting together a changing menu of ales that will perfectly match our wood-fired pizzas, introducing new, obscure and locally-brewed beers. |