- August 12, 2020 -

Here’s a little look at some of the delicious new offerings on the menu at GB•PIZZA•CO this August. We’ve been tirelessly taste-testing and playing around with new flavours and additions – it’s a hard job, you know.

Our new specials make the most of the season. Nduja, roasted sweetcorn, coriander and lime is a real taste of summer, given a spicy kick by the nduja we’ve sourced from British meat curers, Cobble Lane.

Chilli- and honey-roasted pineapple and Chandler & Dunn ham is our riff on a much-debated trashy classic, the Hawaiian.

And there’s a Spanish-inspired veggie pizza with roasted red peppers, Padron peppers (those Russian roulette green peppers, where every one in a handful is spicy) roasted with Maldon salt, roasted sweetcorn, manchego cheese and paprika flakes.

As well as our ever-popular wines on tap, we have now introduced four new wines that are served by the bottle. Made in Bethnal Green in London, Renegade Wines buy in the finest grapes and hand-press, blend and bottle the wines in the heart of the East End. What we loved about the wine – apart from its deliciousness, of course – is the branding and labelling, using close-ups of the faces of people in their neighbourhood. We’ll be stock a Sauvignon Blanc, made from French grapes; a punchy red made from grapes harvested and first-fermented in Albania, and then bottled in London; a rosé made with Bacchus grapes grown in Hampshire and Herefordshire; and a pet nat made with British grapes as our sparkling white. Innovative, seriously drinkable and they go great with a pizza.

New on the menu this month is an extra addition to our expanding dough ball menu: our homemade take on the inside of a Kinder Bueno. Served with our piping hot, fluffy dough balls, we supply a pot of the sweet, hazelnutty goo for dipping.

Talking of dipping, we’re now offering pots of deliciousness for your crispy crusts: homemade aioli, garlic butter and tahini are perfect for ensuring you make use of every crumb. And there’s a special chilli sauce coming soon, made by a local food business that makes the best chilli jam we’ve ever tasted.

And there’s more coming soon! We’re about to launch our international drug store and dessert milkshake menu, as well as a GB•PIZZA•CO branded beer! It’s all go!