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psychology in the light of qur'an and sunnah

- December 6, 2020 -

Psychology can help you to understand yourself, which will affect every aspect of your life. I am a counsellor and Psychologist by profession.Beside that I am running an Islaimc supplementary school called Al jannah Academy based in UK. I found a few loose trileptal pills (for mood regulation) too. Ask people of knowledge if you do not know (Surah Nahl 16:43). I really have problem communicating my needs with my family and now its even more difficult,I’m getting married soon but at times I feel I can’t communicate my needs to my husband to be also. Insofar as reframing COVID-19 in the broader sense, I offer you this lens, this Divine Reminder, with much love. Many times we classify differences in others as flaws and we quickly dismiss them. I was scared that people would find out how chaotic my life had been, so I didn’t tell them anything. May Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) reward you for your contributions to the Muslim community as well as Muslim Matters and allow these efforts to weigh heavily on your scales on the Day of Judgment. Boundaries: Set clear boundaries regarding where and when devices can be used. This caused me to feel worse about myself. Like most religions, the Qur’an ring fences sexual activity within the confines of marriage. Am presently doing my phd in clinical psychology in Malaysia. It was not revealed all in one go at the start of Muhammad’s prophethood, nor was it revealed after he died. I am really looking forward to some articles that address mental health issues from an Islamic perspective. I am excited to read your writing. I can say this with great confidence because first and foremost, I know that COVID-19 or no COVID-19, Allah, We are being summoned to recognize our hubris and turn our hearts in humility toward The One Who Is In Charge, The One Who Calls The Shots, to The One Whose Decree we surrender. When we realize this we are less harsh on others and more forgiving. How creative. May Allah light your way and guide your steps in this wonderful endevour. And furthermore, I should have been guided in what to do if I developed any of these issues subsequently. If the reader happens to be a non-believer then the expectation is that one will blindly accept the claims that are being made. 13-15. By college, my narcolepsy got much more debilitating. I don’t like to think about how many times I’ve had alcohol poisoning because my behavior was so self-sabotaging.. Hopefully now I’m taking much better care of myself. My intention is mainly to discuss my alcoholism, how it began, why I felt so secretive, and how I pulled myself out of it. Further understanding sexual communication: Honesty, deception, safety, and risk. Truly, we must hit the spiritual gym regularly. Rather, it claims that all believing converts will experience a sudden transformation when they embrace Christianity, being “born again”. Your email address will not be published. As Covid-19 started to spread its tentacles across the U.S. in late February, we began to have a small inkling of a possible disturbance in our daily lives. 4 The similitude of the learned against the illiterate is like the moon against the stars[on light]. He kept his liquor in a cabinet on our entertainment center, right above his records. *Getting in the habit of real-time-face-to-face conversations is crucial. Subhan’Allah. How can we account for what can only be described as sexual anarchy? Shokran Sheikh Yasir, masha’Allah you always inspire us all to do more for the deen! Can you tell me what Clinical Psychology consists of? I would like to get more acquainted with Counselling in IslAmic Perspective What course ,training, workshops should I undergo for being a good counsellor. Set it and collect blessings from Allah (swt) for the khayr you're supporting without thinking about it. I was drowning in my alcohol addiction. No devices for kids 0-3. That said, in the same way that reading and learning about nutrition is very beneficial, so too reading and learning about mental health, especially now. Society’s efforts to try and solve many of these ills tend to focus on sex education around contraception and consent. I still have scars on both arms. Thank you for your posts – though I know this was an older post I hope you may still have time to respond. Criticism of atheism was strictly forbidden and sometimes led to imprisonment. i got birth in religious family but i am facing lots of problems .all time bad sexual thoughts are coming to my mind.if there any solution in the light of quran if anybody can please.and i am not able to do the namaz properly.i am also a dippression patient. Even though it can be troubling, you need to look at people who have much harder tests. Quick view. This conclusion of differing vocabulary is also reinforced by the above mentioned results. NOW is the BEST time to fix them. My long-term goal is to be a successful mentor for those with substance use disorders in our communities, particularly the youth and anyone dealing with trauma/anxiety. I will Insha Allah upload them on youtube and will send you the link. Menlo Park (CA): Kaiser Family Foundation; 1999. I remember taking sips of my parents’ wine from their glasses at holiday parties as a teen, feeling like I was doing something wrong, but excited at the same time. But this is not the only harm that can result from such a situation, as it creates an opportunity for an assault to take place as well as false accusations of sexual misconduct. It must have been a god… children are born believers of what I call natural religion… [6]. There is a newfound peace, stability, and joy in this Ramadan that I had not experienced before. COVID-19 is a wake-up call for the whole world. On the contrary, what we want to be asking ourselves is: “What must I do to pass this Test with flying colors, to ace this Exam?” Our beautiful Qur’an teaches us: “Not without purpose did We create heaven and earth and all between.” (38:27)  This pandemic is not some random event. It takes a lot of honesty with ourselves. Masha’Allah! Assalam o alaikum.. Even as an athlete, I felt rundown on a constant basis. I realize now that I was passively suicidal and severely depressed. Alhamdulillah. I’m an African American Muslim and I grew up in the Washington, DC area. It took years of tests to receive a proper diagnosis but by then, my life had been so disrupted by sleeping that I’d become severely overwhelmed. The Benevolence of Islam in the Light of the Qur’an and Sunnah $ 3.00 Islam’s benevolence is seen best in the fact that it is, as a religion, a mercy of Allah to humankind. This way of critically judging everyone prevents us from achieving a higher level of empathy and insight. My intention is mainly to discuss my alcoholism, how it began, why I felt so secretive, and how I pulled myself out of it. By then, the craving has usually passed and I feel better. Participants were very diverse in their attitudes towards the Lakers and Kobe. I want this to be a lesson for my kids and other youth. May Allah swt protect us all from COVID-19. The average age of first exposure to porn is 11 years old. That left me feeling like I couldn’t trust anyone in my Muslim circles early on. The striving is no longer for anything outward but is now focused inward. It was no longer a despairing crying, but a yearning for that closeness and connection to Allah that being in the masjid facilitated for me. Rather, it was gradually revealed over the span of 23 years throughout his prophethood, with its content mirroring the circumstances and challenges of Muhammad and his Companions as they experienced them. Never before such an article was seen, describing Jihad in its true colours-so heart evoking and encouraging! Our Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.) Because we all know, when you are deep in concentration, (like planning your life to die as the most obedient slave to Allah you can be) you are not in a very playful mood and must utilize every brain cell of the body to support this thought. I am very interested in learning about Quranic Psychology are there any books/resources that you can recommend? Insha’Allah, I will address the subject of digital addiction in the second article, as it plays a huge role when it comes to mental health issues. How to Score BIG with Women: a Psychological and Islamic approach for Men, Haleh Banani holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology. As the creator of human beings, God has an insight into human sexuality and the laws of attraction. Human beings are social creatures, we are inquisitive and have an innate desire to share knowledge and exchange ideas. Excellent work MM! Indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what they do. Alhamdulillah for this opportunity to ask a senior Muslim sister with regards to Psychology and Islam. Ma sha Allaah, Psychology in the Light of Qur’an and Sunnah starts to put teeth to Sister Zainab’s article The Lost Boys (and Girls): Bringing Back Young Muslim Teens. Trash galore. At my mom’s house I used to collect bottles of beer in large plastic trash bags in my room. But this weeping was cathartic. He grants wisdom to whom He pleases; and whoever is granted wisdom is indeed given a great wealth (Surah Al-Baqarah 2:269). 2 – The World of the Noble Angels: In the Light of the Qur’an and Sunnah $ 8.00 Add to cart; Islamic Creed Series Vol. The books I have come across so far are: Al-Quran wa Uloom Al-Insaan, Focus on saying only positive things to yourself and stop beating yourself up. On that day I think every single one of us probably felt that discomfort and then shrugged it off because there had been no precedence for such a situation in even our parents’ or grandparents’ lifetimes. Likewise, the science of mental health teaches us about our heart and mind, the impact of specific activities, what to avoid to prevent disease, and the vital psychological nutrients we MUST ingest to attain optimum mental health. $ 3.00. Satan is an agent of temptation to evil. I don’t drink anymore, but I’m disorganized. 25 – Martin Lings, Muhammad: his life based on the earliest sources, 2nd Revised Edition. 2 - The World of the Noble Angels: In the Light of the Qur'an and Sunnah Islamic Creed Series Vol. Engage in a special time afterward to really talk together about your experience. If one is to believe societal programming, then human beings should be in a happier and more content state than at any other point in history. I want some more info about self respect in islam with Islamic verses and hadith. Your right that it does take a lot of honesty and courage to conquer our shortcomings. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, I drank as a result of how I perceived my health status. Psychological studies support these notions. At that time, there was no counseling center at the masjid, and of course, no place to discuss addictions or alcoholism. Dutifulness to Parents: In the Light of the Holy Qur’an and the Authentic Sunnah. 4 – Paul Froese, “Forced secularization in Soviet Russia: Why an atheistic monopoly failed”, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 43.1 (2004): 35-50. I don’t take knowledge from the one’s who don’t know the true purpose of their own existence and nor recognise the creator. We didn’t have marital counseling; in fact, it wasn’t even recommended to us. This being so, when I have extensively read the Qur'an and hadith sources on the topic, so I was familiar with the content. It has a divine purpose. I didn’t know how to reach out for help. The New Testament is a collection of books written by different authors. I am researching impact of Islamic believes on human psychology and finding very little resource and previous research. The fact is, what’s happening around us is what’s happening, and this is always in the hands of Allah . Mashallah a great idea to add to this already awesome website!, i’m now studying in international islamic university malaysia majoring in psychology 1 – Belief in Allah: In the Light of the Qur’an and Sunnah $ 16.00 Add to cart; Islamic Creed Series Vol. The above verse clearly states that jinn have the power to see humans and to take possessions on the humans. Approximately 35% of all internet downloads are related to pornography, and every day 68 million search queries relate to pornography which accounts for 25% of all internet searches [15]. [5:90]. But all the appeal in the world cannot compensate for a lack of interpersonal skills with your spouse. Addiction doesn’t discriminate. Our beautiful Qur’an teaches:“We will show them Our Signs (ayat) in the universe and in their own selves, until it becomes clear to them that this (the Qur’an) is the truth.” (Fussilat 41:53). In order to overcome your feeling of guilt you have to do 2 things: Ask Allah to forgive you and kiss your mother’s hands and feet beg her to forgive you – for she is your way to heaven. Years later, I remembered that sermon and regretted I hadn’t taken heed much sooner. [Adhere to] the fitrah of God upon which He has created [all] people…” [30:30]. In a Sahih Muslim hadith, Abu Huraira and Abu Sa’id reported Allah’s Messenger as saying: Allah , the Exalted and Majestic, said: Fast (is exclusively) meant for Me and I would give its reward. Truly, there is a palpable, powerful, fitrah-based alchemy that can only happen when two human hearts link-up in real time. Recently in a fit of anger, I hit my mum quite badly. He emphasized the Islamic rulings of following the law in these situations, while quoting several examples of similar situations in history. On the contrary, what we want to be asking ourselves is: “What must I do to pass this Test with flying colors, to ace this Exam?”, “Not without purpose did We create heaven and earth and all between.”. Research also shows that under-10-year olds now account for 22% of online video porn consumption among the under 18 age [16]. Your relationships with them will improve significantly because you will no longer be consumed with your inadequacies. It took me two days to fully recover and sober up. Asalam o Alaikum, Sister did you also get religious education in order to co relate Islam with secular psychology. Unfortunately, even after that, I still drank. please keep writing. Yet modern methods of treating alcohol addiction are very much in line with Islam’s gradual approach. This is a major reason why many people, when confronted with intellectual criticisms or when put into a situation where they have to think critically of their religion for the first time, end up having a crisis of faith. The mind is a like a muscle that MUST be trained through specific exercises, and our tradition is rich in the techniques for doing so. Once you like yourself, you will be able to embrace the people around you and focus on giving to them on a deep, emotional level. This gradual changing of the laws of the Qur’an is an example of what is known as abrogation, where the revelation of a later verse changes a ruling established by an earlier verse. Turn your attention to your heart. By Allah in Whose Hand is the life of Muhammad, the breath of the observer of fast is sweeter to Allah than the fragrance of musk. And when we open our hearts and minds to the book of Allah and the sunnah of His beloved messenger salla Allahu alayhi wassalam, we find an abundance of cure to that which we struggle with at a deeper level. Pls advise me in the. It’s more challenging to socialize and it’s always on your mind. Allah says that fasting is exclusively for Him and that He will give the reward for it. 14 – Baxter RL, De Riemer C, Landini A, et al. Once you know how your mind works, you can start programming yourself for success. You obviously have anger issues that you need to address. The situation is clearly spiralling out of control, and trends over the span of generations show that things are only getting worse. I know I should work. But other fields of study, including philosophy, theology, and natural sciences, often included explorations of the mind, and needless to say, as any teachings related to humanity require some […] I’m thinking of studying Psychology in university in the UK. 53 – 79. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. This was the fatal mistake of Bani Israel that we are reminded 17x/day not to emulate. So take charge! Welcome to the family Sr. Haleh! The stress exacerbated my symptoms and my addiction resurfaced. If you don’t like yourself, you can’t expect others to make you happy. Click here to support MuslimMatters with a monthly donation of $2 per month. Insha’Allah, the wake-up call of COVID-19 propels us to reclaim en masse this lost part of our spiritual heritage, so we can reclaim our vitality and nobility as the Ummah of Muhammad, To continue with the metaphor. But in the past I would have. Learning coping skills can be a matter of life or death. Thank you for your comments. I hope you can answer my questions. I lovingly encourage you to get a blank journal, so that each time you do The Centering Exercise, you can make note of what you observed, what you learned about yourself. this is well documented in the quran and hadith. Make tea. We must be in the driver seat, steering, . I think that knowledge of psychology is helpful Parents, as your elder who loves you, I am reminding you that YOU are the CEO of your home. Jazaaki Allahu khairan for this excellent article! Why don’t you send me an email so I can find out more details from you. Humbly. Drinking was my escape. The Psychological Depths of the Qur’an and Sunnah. I really want to read all your articles. For some reason, I thought Islam distinguished me from other addicts because I’d only ever heard of recovery from a Christian perspective. It has given me insight into others which I find to be invaluable. Islamic Creed Series Vol. The next day was jumu’ah, and as a family we gathered before the television to watch the virtual khutbah being delivered to an empty mosque. In analysing the Qur’an and Sunnah from a psychological perspective, we have seen that the source of both has an immense insight into how we think and feel. im currently an undergrad taking Psych as major! It’s really quite amazing to realize that the Qur’an we’ve been given provides Light upon Light from The Lord of The Worlds. This engaging and intellectual style of the Qur’an also serves as an evidence that it is the only timeless scripture revealed by God. Does the New Testament Contain Contradictions. The parents are devout Muslims and I believe all they need is to see how Islam is compatible with Psychology. AA Sr.Haleh and a warm welcome to MM. Depending on where I am, I’ll sit down and meditate for a few minutes and notice my breathing and my body. Wow MashaAllah!,, Understand Yourself Pscyhology in the light of Quran and Sunnah, Do You Understand Yourself? Having the skills to nurture this vital relationship and the diplomacy to resolve conflicts will transform your married life. May Allah strengthen us all to overcome our weaknesses and to be empowered as an ummah! Is there any way I can personally reach sr. Haleh? Our mosque is one of the largest and the most active in the DFW area, and as engaged members of the community, my family and I have also been involved in weekly community activities. And a journey it surely is. Psychology interests everyone!. Our beautiful Qur’an teaches us: “…My mercy embraces everything.” (7:156) The Divine Physician has dispensed this bitter medicine to heal us. There was no hustle and bustle of previous Ramadans as we were no longer rushing to go out or trying to cater to extended family and friends’ obligations. The Qur’an is different, it encourages people to ponder and reflect on its verses: “Then do they not reflect upon the Qur’an, or are there locks upon [their] hearts?” [47:24]. I didn’t seem to need any additional support. You will no longer be at the mercy of other peoples’ approval or validation because you can learn to accept yourself and in accepting yourself you can accept others. I was bullied so much throughout childhood that my self-esteem suffered. I couldn’t talk to my father or other family members because I was too shy and introverted; though my father was always supportive. (38:27)  This pandemic is not some random event. I would like people to know that alcoholism is a lifelong illness which can affect people of any age. I honestly feel the difference in how I feel when I miss them… May Allah grant us all consistency in our worship. The striving (jihad) had to be internal, and as I began to strive to boost my own imaan, to create my own community, to build my own masjid, I realized that alhamdullilah, this was becoming the best Ramadan of my life. These stark realities about the nature of the human being are revealed in the Qur’an. Earlier scriptures, such as those revealed to Moses and Jesus, are timebound, meaning that they were intended for a specific group of people, for a temporary period of time. It’s SO encouraging to see a sister writer here who I can look up and hopefully be in touch with about my future ambitions. We should expect to find a correlation between secularism, hedonism, and consumerism – the pillars of the New Age – and happiness. Thus, it allows a human being to become intellectually convinced of its veracity and does not leave believers at the mercy of doubt and confusion as and when it appears: “This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of God” [2:2]. Thanks for your enthusiasm! I have been studying psychology on my own on a mental framework of Islam as I plan to write on PSYCHOLOGY A TESTIMONY TO ISLAM. If the Gospel of John were to be read in isolation then one would never guess that the parable was a common teaching method of his (John 15:1-8 being a rare example of a parable). The purpose of which is to show us the places where we weren’t prepared.

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