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how to handle disruptive students in the elementary classroom

- December 6, 2020 -

If they make a classmate cry, or they have destroyed property, make sure that they understand why they are apologizing and why they need to do that. Fostering a relationship based on trust with students can go a long way in disruption prevention simply out of mutual respect for one another. 4) Develop a flexible teaching style, and recognise when students aren’t interested in the lesson you have prepared for them! It is important to work together to create a potential solution. They deal with problems quickly and efficiently minimizing the disruptions.The most common distraction in a classroom is a disruptive student. Then defend it to the hilt. In many cases, a student is trying to get the teacher to react foolishly. If you stay calm and keep your wits, it can diffuse the situation rather quickly. A teacher should never yell at a student or tell a student to “shut up." Prevention is the best way to handle a disruptive student. The kinds of behavior that a disruptive student might exhibit include sleeping in class, arriving late, engaging in conversation either with other class members or on their cell phones, arguing with the instructor text messaging, playing video games or even in rare Students may resist structure early on, but they ultimately embrace it because they feel safe in a structured learning environment. Classroom management is critically important in the middle grades years when students are more likely to experience declines in academic motivation and self-esteem (Anderman, Maehr, & Midgley, 1999). Bubble method- Each student has a laminated card on their desk with 3 bubbles on it. The term “disruptive behavior” is extremely broad. The exception is if it’s become a big disruption (like if they’re loudly playing a game on their phone, and it’s interrupting everybody else’s learning), because then I’m going to have to deal … Derrick Meador, M.Ed., is the superintendent for Jennings Public Schools in Oklahoma. Listen and try to see from the student’s perspective why they are doing what they are doing. It will do more harm than it will good. So, as an educator, how do you handle disruptive behavior? If a student has something to say, then listen to their side. A behavior plan provides a direct plan of action for a teacher if the student continues to be disruptive. It uses a series of five competencies that go beyond traditional learning and that occur in the classroom. Students who disrupt the class may or may not know they are doing it. Aside from teaching them academically, teachers must also help in the psychological development of their students. Encourage them to keep working hard. Studies support the idea that strong teacher-student relationships are a bulwark against disruptive classroom behavior. The “Good Behavior Game” markedly reduces disruptive behavior as the students are now working as a team. Stay in Charge in a Difficult Situation As the teacher, it is your job to be in control and to handle your students. If you’re in the middle of the school year, it may take several days to see results. I've often found that the best way to handle a child who is disruptive is to improve my teaching: make sure she/he is fully engaged and that my teaching meets … Social and emotional learning, or SEL, is a vital part of a student’s education that leads to positive outcomes across the board: improvements in student behavior, reductions in disruptive behaviors, and greater overall academic achievement. They will be more receptive to what you have to say. Students are feeling out teachers. Such disruptive behavior often puts teachers in a bind, especially if the disruptive behavior is not occurring in all of the students’ classes. Once you have communicated the progression of discipline, watch for disruptive behavior. The latter should not address the disruptive student but the class as a whole by calmly reminding the students about the course requirements, restating objectives or purpose, or referring students to resources for solving problems, as the case may require. A student should be sent to the office when a teacher has exhausted every other avenue and/or a student has become such as distraction that it is detrimental to the learning environment. Good teachers are able to handle the majority of their own discipline issues. Just enjoy observing your students as … Under the Student Conduct Code WAC 478-120-020(5), an instructor has the authority to exclude a student from any class session in which that student is being disruptive. When teaching adults, there could be one member of the group who enjoys speaking. 5) Build a team atmosphere. A disruptive class is just waiting for you to raise … They rarely refer a student to an administrator. Here are a few ways to handle a disruptive situation in the classroom: Try to Understand the Student’s Side When a student does something disruptive in class like bullying a classmate, set them aside and ask them for their side of the story. Listen carefully to students . Raising your voice may instill fear into the students and will command authority, but it is best to leave that as a last resort. Most parents expect their children to behave while they are at school. This literature will address the common diagnosable disruptive behavior disorders: attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), conduct disorder (CD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), and posttraumatic When students don’t respond to proactive classroom management, they receive interventions associated with the second level of RTI, such as small group instruction in anger management, social interaction skills, how to follow directions or other needed skills to help them be successful in the classroom. They may speak a lot, and therefore cause others to miss out on their turn. Do not allow your students to get away with the little things. The first few days of the … Prevention First. Try the antiseptic bounce. Treat your students with respect It’s often easy to overlook, but children are people too. Redirect the student disruption before it escalates. In order to help, we need to clarify the problem. This contract should be specifically written to address the issues the teacher sees in class. 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The Disappearing Teacher Look at your map and find the best observation spot in the classroom, where you can watch students at work without intervening. This presents itself in many forms and a teacher must be adequately prepared to address every situation. I get everybody else moving so that the learning in the classroom doesn’t stop, and then I deal with that student. Faculty can contact UWPD and have the student removed from class. Failure is when we stop caring about students and stop trying to help them.Most of us routinely invest huge amounts of energy into our most challenging students, more than is healthy or sustainable. In some cases, it becomes a necessity. Instruct your students that if disruptive behavior continues after a verbal warning, you may remove the student from the area, take away classroom privileges, contact his parents, and involve the school administration. Classroom management classes and theories do not prepare you for what happens when you are left all alone with a class full of thirty children or teenagers. They set the tone for the whole school year. Instruct your students that if disruptive behavior continues after a verbal warning, you may remove the student from the area, take away classroom privileges, contact his parents, and involve the school administration. Hence, facing another set of challenges especially when it comes to handling disruptive behavior efficiently. It is important to maintain the dignity of all of your students. Email:, Benefits of whiteboard animations for business organizations, Setting goals well is important for business, A Wikipedia page enhances brand awareness and attract target audience. Like being in the classroom, he needs to see what he is missing. Yes, it’s a bit of extra work. No one wants to be called out in front of his or her peers. In doing so, mistakes can be avoided, and everything can be settled in a peaceful manner. Sometimes there are things going on outside of the classroom that led to the behavior. The ability to sense the students mood and motivation can help control disruptive behaviour. Encourage the student to keep a copy in a place that they often see such as their locker, mirror, notebook, etc. Treat all students respectfully and politely. As a teacher, you are the one in the trenches seeing first hand what is going on. If you’re at a school that discourages taking away recess, then give him the option of running or walking laps—again, while you watch. When we try all year but aren't able to reach or help a particular student, that isn't failure. Everyone wants to be heard and made to feel like what they have to say matters. They have a different set of options that may get a student’s attention and help correct the problem. Post-it Notes- One method is to give a student a warning by putting a post-it on their desk. So it’s important to recognize their achievements and good behavior as it lets them know that what they are doing is appreciated. School & Agent Search Another oldie but goodie is the “Good Behavior Game,” this one comes from the Fall 1973’s Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. Treat your students the way you want to be treated, and always act the way you want your students to act. A student behavior plan is a written agreement between the student, their parents, and teachers. Make the student accept responsibility for their behavior Of course, students must learn that for every action, there is a consequence. This can save them from having to explain anything to their peers and will save them from potential psychological scars. In most cases, parents are unable to discipline these students as the students will not respect the limitations or restrictions that the parents have set in place. Following up can prevent recurrences in the future. He previously served as a school principal and middle school science teacher.

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