GB Pizza Co | Margate

- April 21, 2013 -

Margate restaurant

Our Margate restaurant has been open on the historic seafront since October 2012. When we first arrived in Margate, back in May of 2013, the stretch of buildings that houses our restaurant was pretty much empty, apart our brave and brilliant neighbours: one selling candy floss, one selling rock and seaside gifts, another offering arts classes to kids in the community, and a great art gallery.

In just six short months, we now have a lovely wine bar next door, a boutique hotel two doors down, a dancehall, an Eastern European restaurant that serves poky cocktails on its terrace and even a chocolate bar. We also have witnessed the building of Margate’s beautiful new sea defences, which include steps down to the beach from just outside our doors.

Margate, you’re looking good.

We love Margate. We’re obsessed with our new home. To see just a few of the snaps we take whilst admiring this wonderful town, click here.

Margate sunset