Look At Our Lovely Balls

- May 14, 2012 -

"Great British pizza oven"

These are no ordinary dough balls, my friends. These dough balls – using our take on a sourdough recipe – were made especially for us by Tom Herbert (pictured below, on the left), one half of the handsome television cooking duo who are based down in Chipping Sodbury at the wonderful Hobbs House.
Due to the success and growth of the business, we’ve had to expand our efforts and that means working with a fine bakery to create our dough for larger events. We were drawing up a list of our favourite bakers and we have to say that Tom came top. And not just because he’s a pretty face. Him and his brother have been championing real bread and we wholeheartedly support that. Thanks Tom. We love your balls.

"Great British Pizza Company"