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general finishes gel stain vs minwax

- December 6, 2020 -

Handi Painter applicator. just looked again to see the white plantation shutters and white stone tops and what appears to be a very contemporary tile backsplash - there are a lot of elements here, so unifying some in the kitchen - whether with white paint or a color finish shift on the stain - would be a good choice. • Use tarps, plastic, or cardboard to cover any flooring or carpet. He wiped a portion of that off and it looked terrible. Put another square over the top, giving a nice smooth pad that fits To test, apply gel stain, let dry for 48 hours, and then try to scratch it off. • edges with blue painter’s tape; also remove or tape off any hardware as the gel Don't even ATTEMPT to use a brush, roller, or foam applicator, it will START OUT well and part way through you'll have disaster on your hands. I just want something other than paint to give them an updated look. I made fortunate error many years ago. It came out BEAUTIFULLY and exists to this day, at least 20 years later. It seems everyone has used something different. Lesson: Use an extra coat or 2 of gel on the way frequently used cabinets. I am jumping on the gel stain bandwagon. Padding can help blend surfaces, breaking up grain lines, if you feel I posted many pictures and details on a thread called 'general finishes gel stain update' I think. I used a wood cleaner once when doing kitchen cabinets. carpet. dry two hours, and then sand with, can be used for cleaning as But it was worth it. sticking, so don’t use it. desired. It's been a couple of hours and it's already pretty dry, just slightly tacky to the touch. The idea behind a gel stain is to spread it onto the wood in a thick layer for a few minutes and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. I tried applying it on my kitchen doors and the color stain significantly enhanced the look. But he did love your cabinets. I wanted to do this on my own but I am relieved that he has taken an interest. Do not wipe all the color off, or it will be hard to build color. How to Use Oil Base Gel Stain Over Existing Finishes. If you paint it on it looks like paint. I seriously doubt you will see color differences ("a glazed look") if yours end up as dark as mine. Scooped out some gel and wiped a thin coat on, removing the excess - but not wiping off after. If you paint it on it looks like paint. There are smaller sizes if your project is small. No sense sanding or priming as they are junky "builder grade" cabinets. Add a second rinse if needed. If it runs or blotches before you get to it and is dry, use mineral spirits and 120 sand paper LIGHTLY in the dripped or overdone are (,you can knock down drips with razor blade too but have to smudge it a bit afterward ( Polyshades sits on TOP of wood, it is NOT a stain). There is a great blog out there by Jenny on her blog Anything Pretty (linked at the bottom? Might need to divide that up also, and stagger the work: doors/cabinets/doors/etc. Additional stain I'm sure he'll want to wait until I finish completely the back of my sample door with a topcoat so he can check the durability. • Then I tried building up layers of Polyshades, that went on so translucently that by the time I got to the color I wanted, there was sticky residue in every corner. or oil, are cleaned off the surface. I wish I could have deleted that post. But now I have got him interested in gel stains and we are reaching a middle ground. My goal has never been dark cabinets, but rather a rich medium brown (think warm walnut) that still allows the wood to show through. Still translucent, but so much deeper in color than regular Polyshades so only one coat was required to achieve the perfect brown for me. I showed your post to my husband and he was quick to point out the our cabinets have recessed panels and frames where the grain changes direction at the joints. Always wipe the stain in the direction of the wood grain. And yes, u may want to go a little lighter. more, you should be good to go. Still in the can, my java looks very very dark - but definitely BROWN not black. The other half is what the contractor gave us (horrible job, terrible color and glossy finish!). One thing he noticed is that the poly finish on our cabinets is very thin in many areas and comes off completely with a very light sanding. Finished table with three coats of Rustoleum on base and Minwax weathered oak stain on top Before and after of heavily stained pew using Rustoleum chalked paint General Finishes Milk Paint Project. Just enough to break the finish and give it some tooth, no more than a minute a door. The GF gel stain will likely work for you as long as 1) you get the surfaces clean and smooth, and 2) you are OK going very dark, e.g. Glove up. I just don't get it. Let it dry another day, and then Sorry you're having a hard time, but before you disappear into the bedroom ;D , which brand of gel stain did you use tonight? Yes, some will come off easy, but the problem is that you have to get ALL of it off to use stains designed for bare wood. Sherry, I so want this to work out for you...keep us posted. The GF gel stain is so much better. You can see clearly the wood’s color undertones (yellow, pink, green, neutral, red) but they aren’t nearly as pronounced. to go. All I can say is that there is a can of gel stain in the middle of our street. reworked. Please keep us posted on what works for you. It's java. How to use General Finishes Gel Stain over an existing finish, no stripper, no sanding to raw wood, just a nice new wood finish. I've put on two coats of the GF Gel Java and it seems that the finish has some streaks to it. Failure is not an option! I just finished doing the back of one door. It looked like walnut. If you are using water brush over the entire area, working and evening the stain as you go. When it all looks right, go over it all again with another clear gel coat. It gives a nice and unique espresso colored finish. Stain trim? I finally got the General Finishes Java gel stain and there is no comparison to the Minwax stuff (theres a better word but I wont go there). Sorry. I have read and re-read this post a thousand times. I've tried them. He thinks he has just enough to do the counters and backsplash but it is still available so he can get any extra that he needs. My husband is rehabbing this beautiful house but he treats the kitchen like an afterthought. When using a liquid stain, wipe it off quickly for an even finish, as liquid stains dry quickly. Coat, General Finishes Dark Chocolate To Wipe Stains On. dry. Clean up gel stain spills with mineral spirits immediately while Staining with the gel stains over existing finishes – 4 different ways  Thanx, Minwax. Better to prime and paint rather than use a stain product as a paint. I read that the nutmeg and candlelight both have more red in them than I am going for. I had honey oak cabinets and wanted a dark brown but translucent satin finish but ended up with a chocolate "baked"/"caked" on pudding looking mess! Articles front side. Dry off excess liquid with a paper towel. I really thought it would work but I should have known that my husband would never agree with this kind of "quick fix". And, of course, my sample does not have a poly topcoat. That was really my problem from the start, trying to get a lighter color. edges with blue painter’s tape; also remove or tape off any hardware as the gel Used just Java to get the color right, then a bunch of top coats. I tried Minwax gel stain in Mahogany and was very disappointed. And, of course, my husband wont even consider granite until we replace the cabinets first. Dry off excess liquid with a paper towel. Appropriate for mill work, furniture, cabinets, garage doors, windows, decks, and more. against a wall or cabinet so it can dry out well on both sides. It "puddles" at the transition between the recessed panel and the oak frame. General Finishes Oil Base Gel Stain, 1/2 Pint, Java - Water Based Household Wood Stains - Amazon.com ... Minwax 260304444 Interior Wood Gel Stain, 1/2 pint, Antique Maple 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,488. Or two. cotton cloth, pad, brush, or darker color. DIRECTIONS a bit, brush across and feather out in the direction of the grain pattern. 1. A miracle cloth is good for getting most of the dust off. If you are having It could possibly be used to disguise yellowing.The way to get stain even in the corners of recessed panels is to cover the blade of a putty knife in a rag and pull excess out of the corner. Both of the oak species took on a sort of Cerused look I’m very into. I had to "jump start" it and I succeeded. I plan on doing at least one of my bathrooms and my kitchen in the general finishes java gel stain. But he could do the tile in a day or two and its just sitting there. He says, Ill get to it, blah blah. applying a secondary or topcoat, stop. Repeat with Java gel. To protect the Gel Stain, you will need to Top Coat it after the Gel Stain completely dries with a suitable floor finish. 4. Wipe off = too light, leave on = too dark. Not so if your wood is traditionally stained. Let surface Always let dry fully between coats. Sherry -You have to wipe it off until it's the color you want, or it just looks painted. This is a more detailed video than my last one on "How to gel stain your kitchen cabinets". top coat for adhesion. Brush stain on heavily with bristle or foam brush, Remember you need to leave some color on for a I just have to gauge how psycho I need to go. Just a little and I am sorry I wasted all this good information from gardenweb members. I have been practicing on a scrap cabinet sectioned off into small squares by blue tape, and for the past two months my fingers have been permanently stained brown. *= messier). such as Norton super fine. I mixed a little regular oil based minwax stain in with the polyshades to get a color that i liked better. several dry brushes or rags handy for have to make sure all fingerprints are wiped and evened out on both sides No stain or finish was even put on the hinge side edges. If it’s hard to scratch off, then you should be good great point about how stain trends also can come and go . I have a newer front load set & usually wash colors in cold. Satin finishes can have a pearl touch to them. Hard to screw it up. . So, should I try another brand of gel stain? You can see the orginal oak color on the frame although it's slightly darker from a previous experiment with Minwax cherrywood gel stain. That was the answer. (Sorry if I'm asking dumb questions here - just trying to figure this out!). My kitchen has the same Red Oak type cabinets (see my thread here) and we're trying to go dark with them (GF Gel Java). Again, the GF gel stain is completely different from the Polyshades. Note the uneven color splotches at the bottom. And the General Finishes is way easier to use then Minwax ... texture and drying time are better. If this is your first time staining, take your time, and do one side at a time. Have you looked at the lighter gel stain, for example, nutmeg or candlelight? Prepare existing surfaces first by cleaning well. Side by Side comparison of GF Gray, Black, Antique Walnut, Java and Brown Mahogany Gel Stains. Work in a well-ventilated area. But it did dry quickly unlike the Minwax stain. 2-3 coats of Java. Wipe off excess with clean T-shirt material. usually brushed on, and you can again wipe excess off or take the brush and dry items such as bookcases or wall shelves you can leave the stain by itself or While Gel Stain was first designed to adhere to fiberglass doors, it can also be used on wooden doors . Its unique non-drip formula makes application easy for vertical surfaces. Thank-you! Many ask if the gels can be used on laminate or plastic non-wood surfaces. Keep Additional stain No way to get an even coat no matter how I applied it whether by natural bristle brush, foam brush or by rag. dgillam1 Help! I would drive 100 miles to use GF gel over Polyshades. You can do the entire door at one time, but you need to lean it up to dry I'm a complete convert to gel stain (in its place) since about 1997. General Finishes focuses on state of the art water-base finishes and waterbourne coatings, and is the country's leader in waterbased finish technology offering wood stains, dye stains, top coats, gel stains, exterior wood finishes, liquid oilbase stains, water based lacquers furniture paint. I do think of the gel stain as more of a thin paint than a traditional stain. If you are applying gel over another finish you need to clean the surface well Jennifer-in-Clyde (in the same boat) and I stumbled around on that woodworking thread to get to this method. If it has been rainy, humid or cold out, dry time will be I hope they haven't changed anything - I need to gel stain a furniture piece to match my cabs. Minwax, IMO, gives extremely poor instructions. The Polyshades was sticky and dried tacky with a harsh gloss like this. Carpet may discolor if cleaned with mineral spirits. This wouldnt be a problem with "slab" or "raised panel" cabinets so I dont want to discourage others from trying this method. Hubby had said that the only options are to strip and refinish or paint and glaze. It is best to cover any glass with paper that is cut to size, and tape the Install your hardware.The feel of the finish should be wonderful, really smooth and satiny. Log In. Remove all the hardware. . 98: $30.95 $ 30. This solution also prepares the existing Mineral spirits and steel wool can be used for cleaning as I could continue and use the gel stain as paint but why? out the top and bottom first, wiping with the grain, and then wipe the vertical Even as I write this I feel guilty, I wanted new cabinets and I will get them. The foam brush evened it out and sort of added a faux grain effect. You can also use a dry natural brush to help soften or smooth out any lines. And from what I understand, celticmoon went with two pretty thick coats and Ive only did one coat but maybe it was too thick. coats will give a darker color. Very minimal color change and nowhere near the color shown on the can.

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