- March 17, 2012 -

"gourmet wood-fired pizza"

We picked up some supplies from Shipton Mill this week – the most beautiful spot for a serious food producing outfit that we’ve ever seen. Just a couple of miles from Tetbury, we got horribly lost trying to find it. Mental note to selves: never trust a sat-nav with just a postcode when in the wilds of the countryside. So as we winded down and around country lanes, we didn’t mind nearly as much when we stumbled across a wonderful little wine merchants.
Vinotopia is set in a beautiful old farm building that’s been dressed up with some contemporary touches. A triple-height barn, it’s packed to the original rafters with bottles of exquisitely chosen wines. Whilst asking directions to Shipton Mill (they didn’t know the precise location, but looked it up on their lovely iMac for us), we perused the shelves and ended up spending a few quid on a delicious bottle of Priorat – one of our favourite Spanish regions.
Back to flour: down a dusty lane, in a sleepy hollow is the original mill. A kitchen garden and wood-fired oven sit in their gardens, a couple of tame pheasants trotted around and their office buildings sit above the river that once powered the millstones. Things are a little more hi-tech these days, but there’s still an artisanal approach to flour making. They’ve blended four different flours for us to test out for the optimum dough, and we can’t wait to get them into our Kitchenaid mixer.

- March 12, 2012 -

We’re not sure which new item we’re most excited about: our shiny new Kitchenaid Artisan mixer in a lovely metallic enamel grey finish, or our shiny new iPhone 4S in white. We like shiny things. They’re both divine, we’re sure you’ll agree. We’d been relying on an old Blackberry in recent weeks, which had been unceremoniously dumping calls at random, locking itself out of range in the middle of busy cities and refusing to go online. So, time to say goodbye to the Blackberry and hello to the Apple.
We love it already. It’s guided us to the kitchen shop in Banbury, recommended a great pub nearby for a cheeky lunch and has an App installed where we can point it at the sky and see what each constellation is called. All very pressing things, we think you’ll agree! We’re currently speaking to a merchant banking provider about a cool little gadget we saw on food trucks in the States, that slips on the bottom of your iPhone and can be used as a credit card reader, wherever you are. Clever stuff.

- March 12, 2012 -

"gourmet wood-fired pizzas"

After a disastrous stint on ebay (which resulted in a heavy-duty Kitchenaid arriving with so much damage that we had to send it back – we’re still waiting for our refund…), we decided to shop local for our new Kitchenaid mixer, and found an excellent kitchen shop in Banbury called Abraxas. The ladies in the store were incredibly helpful – this little shop, full to the rafters with beautiful cooking and kitchen objéts, had more Kitchenaid mixers for sale than two branches of John Lewis and a Debenhams combined. They were also cheaper than John Lewis. We opted for the metallic grey enamel finish (why pay an extra £100 for a stainless steel version which will require constantly polishing) which looks very handsome indeed. Almost too beautiful to use. Now to decide one what we’re going to make with its first use… Some homemade bread, we think.

"gourmet wood-fired pizzas"

"gourmet wood-fired pizzas in the Cotswolds"


- February 28, 2012 -

"wood-fired pizza mobile catering"

Now available for children’s parties (our homemade dough and topping have no added sugar and are made from the very best ingredients, so the pizzas are a great, healthy alternative that the kids go mad for), festivals (find us at a VW event this summer), farmers’ and food markets, village fetes and large events all over the country. Genuine wood-fired pizza arriving in a VW campervan to a town and village near you this summer.

- February 21, 2012 -

Catch it while you can: venison meatballs, roasted red onion and Parmesan.
Every month we’ll be raiding our Cotswolds larder and creating pizzas that celebrate the very best of the season. If you’re a local producer (based in our neighbouring counties of Worcestershire, Warwickshire or Oxfordshire, or, of course, Gloucestershire itself), then drop us a line. We think that supporting local food producers and farmers is really important.
Email: thecotswoldpizzacompany@gmail.com

- February 21, 2012 -

Delicious, freshly-made pizzas cooked to perfection on our wood-burning oven. Seasonal flavours, local ingredients and organic where possible. We source our flour from Shipton, our mozzarella from Shepton Mallet and our wild boar salami from Gloucestershire.

Blistered crusts, crispy bases, oozing with melted cheese and simply delicious.

Find us at farmers’ markets, events in and around Gloucestershire or hire us for a pizza party in your own back garden.

Our pizzas are handmade and created by our chef, an award-winning cook with bags of experience.

To find out where we are, call us on: 07765976803, email us or follow us on Twitter.