- June 10, 2012 -

"best pizza in Kent"

Fancy a taste of our delicious wood-fired pizza? Then join us at Capel-le-Ferne farmers’ market this Tuesday. Voted as the best farmers’ market in Kent, it’s held every week from 10am until 12.30pm. We’ll be serving our breakfast pizza from 10am in the car park by the village hall. If you’re passionate about local, seasonal produce, then a visit to this market is a must. Other stalls sell local meat, fresh seafood, cheeses, preserves and pickles, bread, locally-grown fruit and Kentish cider.

- June 6, 2012 -

"pizza Margate Harbour Arm"

Margate, we’re coming for you!
Our delicious wood-fired pizza will be served on Margate’s Harbour Arm from the 15th June 2012. Our cute little unit overlooks the Turner Contemporary and Margate’s sweeping, sandy beaches. Lovely!
To find out more about our opening times, follow us on Twitter:
We’ll be posting our weekly opening times & special offers on Twitter.
We’re also fully-licensed, so we’ll be booze-cruising for delicious, great-value French & Spanish wines to be served alongside our pizza. Plus Rachel, our chef, will be making homemade cakes for pudding. Yum!
Great British Pizza’s Margate Pop-Up opens on Friday 15th June.
Find us at Unit 6, Margate Harbour Arm

- May 14, 2012 -

"Great British pizza oven"

These are no ordinary dough balls, my friends. These dough balls – using our take on a sourdough recipe – were made especially for us by Tom Herbert (pictured below, on the left), one half of the handsome television cooking duo who are based down in Chipping Sodbury at the wonderful Hobbs House.
Due to the success and growth of the business, we’ve had to expand our efforts and that means working with a fine bakery to create our dough for larger events. We were drawing up a list of our favourite bakers and we have to say that Tom came top. And not just because he’s a pretty face. Him and his brother have been championing real bread and we wholeheartedly support that. Thanks Tom. We love your balls.

"Great British Pizza Company"

- May 14, 2012 -

"mobile wood-fired pizza"

We had an amazing weekend at VDub at the Pub – a wonderful VW event packed with families and some beautiful pieces of hardware. Gus, our 1974 VW Campervan was much-admired. And also made great time hot-wheeling it from the Midlands (our current base… for the time being) down to Wimborne in Dorset in just 4 hours. Not bad for an old man who can barely make it over 55mph. We’ve learned to take life slowly with Gus.
The sun – glorious sun – shone for the entire weekend, and we’ve come away exhausted and sun burned, having sold hundreds and hundreds of pizzas. Not only was the weather lovely and the sight of other beautifully cared-for VWs inspiring, but there was a wonderful, warm, friendly crowd in attendance. Well done to the organisers.
See you next year!

- May 14, 2012 -

"wood-fired pizza for festivals"

Our wood oven burns hot (like, really hot – for optimum cooking, we heat it between 350 and 400 degrees Celcius) and clean and we always use locally-sourced hardwood that’s been seasoned (for even cleaner burning). We serve our pizzas on recycled paper plates or in recycled pizza boxes, and even our napkins are made from recycled paper. No cutlery and certainly no nasty polystyrene. Just saying.

- May 9, 2012 -

"mobile pizza catering"

Someone once sang something about “Don’t blame the weatherman,” (oh Lord, we’ve just realised it was Irish girlband B*Witched – we’re showing our age and our appalling taste in music!), but having been toyed with by meteorologists, we can’t agree with the denim-clad songstresses. Just a few days ago we were planning ponchos and welly boots for our stint at VDub At The Pub down in Dorset. Now – and we hope it doesn’t change again – it looks like the sun might be shining. We’re doing funny little dances, saluting magpies and picking up every penny we can find. Here’s to blue skies, happy campers (and happy campervans) and fresh wood-fired pizzas.

- April 27, 2012 -

This week Rachel had a chat with Cotswold wedding planner Jessie Thomson about our wood-fired pizza oven and how we can bring something a little bit different to weddings and private events. Jessie loved our concept and introduced us “an awesome new wedding supplier… for those wanting something a little more unique to offer guests.” We agree! Book us now for summer events! We’ve already got two weddings booked in, a birthday party and a product launch, as well as numerous festivals.
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- April 5, 2012 -

Celebrating the spring, our seasonal special for April is Evesham asparagus (which we collect from farms just up the road), Parma ham (which crisps up beautifully) and shavings of Parmesan.

"wood-fired pizza"

- April 4, 2012 -

"pizza for festivals, markets & parties"

We were up before 6am for our first market, at Moreton-in-Marsh, in the heart of the Cotswolds. After two weeks of balmy weather, Tuesday arrived with the threat of rain, sleet, snow and high winds. A baptism not of fire, but of driving rain. Luckily (or unluckily), the rain didn’t arrive until packing-up time, and thankfully the pizza oven gave off a wonderful hand-warming heat, so we were never cold. We had a great first market – the stall looked beautiful, we met some very interesting people and got really positive feedback on all the pizzas we sold.

- April 4, 2012 -

"VW Campervan pizzas"

Everyone, this is Gus. Gus, this is everyone. The latest arrival to our Great British Pizza Company family is Gus, a 37-year-old VW Type 2 campervan. Just one year younger than the company’s two founders (and, arguably, with a little less rust..!), Gus is our Head of Transport & Logisitics. He’s a handsome chap, we think you’ll agree.

Here he is, below, loaded up with our Bernito pizza oven, all shiny & ready for action. You go, Gus!

"mobile pizza business"


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