Exciting Arrival #2 / iPhone 4S

- March 12, 2012 -

We’re not sure which new item we’re most excited about: our shiny new Kitchenaid Artisan mixer in a lovely metallic enamel grey finish, or our shiny new iPhone 4S in white. We like shiny things. They’re both divine, we’re sure you’ll agree. We’d been relying on an old Blackberry in recent weeks, which had been unceremoniously dumping calls at random, locking itself out of range in the middle of busy cities and refusing to go online. So, time to say goodbye to the Blackberry and hello to the Apple.
We love it already. It’s guided us to the kitchen shop in Banbury, recommended a great pub nearby for a cheeky lunch and has an App installed where we can point it at the sky and see what each constellation is called. All very pressing things, we think you’ll agree! We’re currently speaking to a merchant banking provider about a cool little gadget we saw on food trucks in the States, that slips on the bottom of your iPhone and can be used as a credit card reader, wherever you are. Clever stuff.