Another Excellent Event // VDub At The Pub

- May 14, 2012 -

"mobile wood-fired pizza"

We had an amazing weekend at VDub at the Pub – a wonderful VW event packed with families and some beautiful pieces of hardware. Gus, our 1974 VW Campervan was much-admired. And also made great time hot-wheeling it from the Midlands (our current base… for the time being) down to Wimborne in Dorset in just 4 hours. Not bad for an old man who can barely make it over 55mph. We’ve learned to take life slowly with Gus.
The sun – glorious sun – shone for the entire weekend, and we’ve come away exhausted and sun burned, having sold hundreds and hundreds of pizzas. Not only was the weather lovely and the sight of other beautifully cared-for VWs inspiring, but there was a wonderful, warm, friendly crowd in attendance. Well done to the organisers.
See you next year!