Ace of Base: Gluten-Free Pizza Is Go!

- February 13, 2013 -

gluten-free pizza

We are so sorry for the wait, but we are pleased to finally announce that we can now offer a gluten-free base for our pizzas – which has been quite tricky, thanks to the intense temperature of our wood-fired oven. Many of the recipes just haven’t behaved as they should.

Made with organic wholemeal rice flour, organic cornflour, organic rice flour, yeast, organic raw cane sugar and sea salt, we will be offering a gluten-free pizza every day – but we do ask that you pre-order your base (24 hours in advance, as the dough needs to rest) and that we have to apply a surcharge of £1 for each gluten-free base. Please note that the base is not as thin and crispy as our usual recipe, due to the heat of the oven floor, and takes a little longer to cook, it’s still really delicious.

While we’ll do all we can to keep the gluten-free bases away from the other bases (it won’t be put through our dough roller, for example), we’re afraid we cannot guarantee that the bases will be completely free of traces of wheat flour.

Call us now to book a table and a base! 01843 297700