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eiffel peak trail conditions

- December 6, 2020 -

It took me almost 40 min. Mountain (climbing) weather forecasts for 3 elevations of Mount Temple, Bow Range, Canadian Rockies, Canada. After the column there is a scree gully if you look straight up. While you can see Moraine Lake, it’s distant on the entire trail. The hike/scramble to Eiffel peak is a CONSTANT incline. Take the one on the right and continue up, following the cairns. The view is out of this world! It's a very difficult and steep scramble, but shortly after you have passed it, you are greeted with a huge cairn welcoming you to the summit. Difficulty (D) # Name Specs Notes It will be a bit of a scramble. We lost the cairns/trail a couple of times on the way up, but easily tracked back with the GPS. 5580: Steep talus typical of the middle portion of the route. The other two were able to walk down surprisingly(again showing how it’s not too steep). I've got this one on the list. Wake up early to get parking at Moraine Lake in high season! Instead of going right for Larch Valley Trail, you will head straight for Eiffel Lake and Wenkchemna Pass. To the right of the snow it was blocky shelves(but not as nice as previously) with overall great footholds that were compromised because of the snow melt and being wet. While the snow can be bypassed, it created a slippery scramble up to the top which would be sketchy to most. It’s a beauty for sure. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I recommend using the last turn-off path, which is a sharp left, since it is a short one and it directly leads to the creek and the trailhead for Eiffel peak is right across the creek. Head right and follow it. There is a very good trail marked by cairns up to the short but narrow scramble column. For the narrow columns, again pick the one on the far right. At the top of this scramble section is a cliff band/large boulder. To find the Eiffel Peak trail, you have to pass the two open areas in the larch valley and then there are about three turn-off narrow paths on the left. This is about 50% hiking and 50% scrambling and in some scrambling section, exposure is elevated. At the end of the ridge there is an obvious trail that works its way up the scree slope, If you're going in shoulder season there may be a snowfield covering the upper portion of the trail changing this hike to a scramble where you'll have to be comfortable with simple route finding and some minor exposure. The gully is currently covered by a big snow patch. You almost follow the right most Ridge the whole way up. Go up the long chimney and be aware of rock fall danger as they were zipping past is all day. Nice weather and a little scrambling Arrived at moraine lake 5am with lots of parking. It’s a very pleasant and short day out with a killer view. Oddly enough we were the only people on the trail on a Saturday, didn’t see another soul beyond the sentinel pass trail. There are a LOT of people on the trails in this area in the summer anyway, but you should be aware that there are stiff fines if you are hiking solo. Summitted tower of babel after Eiffel. It's part of the Bow Range, which is a sub-range of the Canadian Rockies. After waiting in line for an hour, I finally got in. Beautiful clear day on the trails, views at the top of Eiffel Peak are amazing. Directly in front of the bench on the left, there is a narrow trail. The nearest higher peak is Mount Temple, 3.0 km (1.9 mi) to the northeast. Then, head up the slope right in front of you. The trail would have been great, but it is what it is. Races to enter: the Banff Marathon must be one of the most picturesque marathons around. Canada's #1 trails guide for day mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, river kayaking and wind/kite/surf trails in AB, Canada and North America with GPS waypoint exchange, trail stats and descriptions, driving directions, photos, maps, and community posted trail reviews. This can be a turn point since it is about to get beyond normal difficult hikes. You will first need to climb a long super steep crux to get over the rockbend. conditions are best after the winter snow has melted completely off the peak (usually by mid-July). All three of us and the dog(with a little push) made it up. The holds are great, no loose rock, and it’s the shortest vertical gain of the three. Going down from the summit is as challenging as reaching up the peak but at some portions you can pick your own route. Neptuak Mountain), but nonetheless the 5 pitches of alpine climbing we did were… Continue climbing and then you reach the scree and boulders. Eiffel Lake / Wenkchemna Pass: Once you ascend the switchbacks on your way to Larch Valley, you will come to a sign. Unless you are comfortable rock climbing steeper slopes with serious casualty if you miss your foothold or grip, then this is not a hike for you. 1/ Lake O’Hara – Check out our Trip Report 2/ Pocaterra Ridge 3/ Big Beehive Trail 4/ Devil’s Thumb 5/ Highline Trail 6/ Lake Agnes Teahouse Trail 7/ Helen Lake 8/ Akamina Ridge 9/ Mt. Then there is a very steep crux going up a rockbend. Trail is pretty obvious; there are tons of carins. Elevation: 3084m Gain: 1230m Difficulty level: easy-moderate. For example Eiffel Peak or Mt. The Peak District Boundary Walk is a roundabout 190-mile strolling trail around the public park. Trail is well marked but easy to lose as there is a ton of smaller ones coming off of it which are also marked. Of course you have the temple right in front of you. This summit rarely sees hikers, and this is probably the first and only ever register on this peak. July 26 2020 After another hour of hiking the trail flattened out a little bit and we found ourselves in a sort of slanted meadow. But I just took my time, and was glad when I finally reached the trail lower on the ridge. FROM TRAIL TO PEAK: 8 EPIC HIKES IN BANFF NATIONAL PARK. Eiffel Peak Trail is a 7 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Ascent time: 5 hours Total trip time: 9 hrs Conditions: Summer/Dry. July 30, 2015 3080m Lake Louise, AB With a few days' sunshine in the forecast this trip started with a failed attempt on Deltaform Mountain thank to the non-ideal conditions. From time to time you should see some cairns (there are a lot along the trail. Er führt entlang eines Sees, entlang eines Flusses und es gibt schöne Wildblumen und oftmals Wildtiere zu sehen. Die Route ist am besten von Juli bis September zugänglich. The hike starts on the Larch Valley Trail. There is one narrow column with some “technical moves” but the column on the far right is solid rock and has great hand and foot holds, while barely being steep at all. So while it’s steep, it’s not fall and slide 100 feet down steep. Image above is Eiffel Tower which is found just to the north behind the summit of Eiffel peak. Pat Sloan, Rachel Washburn, Connor Sloan were visiting Alberta from Seattle. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Did this hike on August 9, a sunny Sunday. A community for hiking hiking in Alberta. Amazing hike for the Larch season, path was dry and well marked. Overall, it's one of the best summit I did with spectacular view of Moraine Lake, Larch Valley, Pinnacle Mountain, Mt. Completed Oct 3. Hunde sind erlaubt, müssen allerdings an der Leine gehalten werden. After the last gully it was a standard down climb with no issues. At the top, you'll see the trail. Note: You do not need hands to pull yourself up here, but they are needed for balance. Eiffel Peak Route Map. The top section was a little slippery due to being wet, but in dry conditions is super easy. Es gibt verschiedene Aktivitätsmöglichkeiten. Great day for a summit as big as Eiffel though. stunning view on top , not recommended to beginners. Then around a bend the mountain was revealed at last. Plus the Valley of the Ten Peaks and the views up top are great, it was just overcast when I made it up top so pictures don’t do it justice. From the top of the pass provides stunning views of the Ten Peaks. No sketchy moments for us, but would imagine there would be some rockfall hazard with more groups on the trail (would recommend a helmet). Did you do the effiel hike or effiel scramble. The view from the other direction cannot compare to this magnificent valley.NTS Map: 082N08Elevation Gain to Eiffel Lake: 370 m (1,214 ft),Elevation Gain from Eiffel Lake to Wenkchemna Pass: 720 m (2,362 ft).EDITOR'S NOTE - Trailpeak does not edit out contributor's opinions on park rules. Past the lakes lies Wenkchemna Pass Trail that passes through the mountains into Yoho National Park. Be careful on the descent. Here is where the snow and the slick scramble start. The second two where more ‘scrambly’ and had ice as we we’re summiting early, on the decent all ice was melted. From the fork, you take the less-traveled path to the Eiffel Lakes. It is just hard to see them from below). It will lead you to a big field. Assiniboine 10/ Mt. Eiffel Peak Trail ist ein 7 Meilen langer, stark besuchter Hin- und Rückweg in der Nähe von Lake Louise, Alberta, Kanada. The long gruelling descent took me almost 3 hrs (I stopped and rest my legs many times). Great, straightforward scramble. lots of clouds but beautiful day. For an idea of the steepness here the dog was running up and down the snow still remaining, and was able to slide and stop himself multiple times(it’s his thing to slide and roll in snow). Temple 11/ Berg Lake – Check out our Trip Report! This is not the hardest scramble I’ve done, but it is the most sustained where you are scrambling for 30-45 minutes. I was the only person on the trail. The path to the left of the snow looks much more forgiving at the beginning of the gully, but there is a hump that creates exposure and a vertical climb and probably is impassable. A lot people mentioned two benches as the sign for the turn-off, but I didn’t see any benches. For those who aren’t comfortable scrambling yet wait a couple of weeks for the last of the snow up top to be gone. The view on the submit is beyond my words to describe. HELMET SHOULD BE MANDATORY! Unfortunately for us once we hit the bottom of the climb the sky really cleared up and became a beautiful day. I counted 6 people on the trail. Got to the Moraine Lake Parking lot at 5:15am, and there were still a bunch of spots open (not sure when it would have filled up). Soon the trail dropped back into the trees, and I did my best to loudly whistle “Amazing Grace” … be aware of traffic jams at the last scramble section (crux) as there is only room for 1 group and the route seems to be popular. There's a summit register under the large cairn. EIFFEL PEAK. Completed yesterday (Aug 17)! I climbed backward down the snow patch using the same footprints. Different options for scrambling! Fall ... Inline Skating is rated according to trail conditions, hills, traffic exposure, intended distance covered and intended pace. Moraine lake’s colour is so vibrant. Yes Eiffel is smaller than Temple, but much less technical, and really anybody can do it. The route up to the fork is pretty demanding as it climbs 350m at a relatively high grade for about 40 minutes. That's the Eiffel Peak Trail. As far as comparing it to other hikes and scrambles, this might just be a really good step towards the scrambling world as opposed to just on trail hiking. After you reach the junction to towards Eiffel Lake, you will find that the crowds dissipate considerably. Would highly recommend if your up for an interesting scramble to the peak! Still worth it even with the overcast and rainy conditions. Views were a little obstructed from the top due to clouds and snow, but could still see paradise valley, moraine lake and temple from the top! Nothing too difficult. There is still snow on the route but CAN ALL BE AVOIDED. Do not try to avoid it by climbing the rocks beside it. Eiffel Peak is a 3,077-metre (10,095-foot) mountain summit in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Overall the route should be pretty straight up (no big circle-around). As you continue, make sure to savor the glimpses of the azure blue waters of Lake Moraine and the incredible Ten Peaks through the breaks in the trees. It is definitely doable, but of our group of three one almost turned back as she was at her limit of comfort. The trail really isn’t a hard scramble, just sustained(30-45 minutes). The third in the party chose the slab to the far climbers right as it was drier, but that’s a much more technical approach(not recommended unless you climb/boulder regularly). From the lake, the trail is quite easy to follow, and clearly marked with signs and maps. 13/ Eiffel Peak Very challenging, lots of scrambles and some sketchy sections. Overall I think anyone can do this hike if they have any climbing or scrambling experience, especially in dry conditions as you can just walk up the slab at that point. Definitely bring a helmet along. On the way down the only issue was the wet scramble section. I’m too heavy and tall so I had to crab walk/drag my butt the whole way down. This was the Eiffel Peak trail, and you can see the Eiffel Tower in the first photo. trail was bone dry And easy to navigate. Not long after that you reach the giant yellow rock pillar. About halfway up, the hike becomes even steeper and the dirt/rocks become loose. Amazing views from the top! But again, look climbers right and you will see cairns and a trail. How long did you take to do the whole hike? You will reach two cruxes beside each other. 12/ Iceline Circuit – Check out our Trip Report! This peak is by no mean a "major summit" in the rugged Tantalus Range but does boast fairly significant topographic prominence, as well as some of the nicest… This is a well-maintained trail, but not ideal to take a child carrier up due to rocks and tree roots. This trail should not be attempted by beginners. At the top there is an option to continue up to the Larch Valley, then Sentinel Pass, or to keep going west towards Eiffel Lake. Due to icy conditions, this hike is only recommended between June and September. This is definitely the most incredible hike I ever did but I don’t think I will challenge again myself with scrambling ;). People should be aware of avalanche risk if attempting to slide down or boot pack as the snow was quiet isothermal early in the day. Started at 5:00am to see the sunrise, made it to the turn off near sentinel in ~1hr. This can be picked up as you enter the Park on the highway near Banff. The guide reported that Fairview was not in typical summer conditions - they reported drifted (snow) accumulations making the trail hard to follow in places, and having to break trail. Parking area: Moraine Lake Parking Lot Detailed 6 day mountain weather forecasts for climbers and mountaineers planning expeditions. We busted up the loose scree but then found the trail on the way down. The beginning of the ascent up Eiffel is quite rocky, and there are multiple relatively poorly marked options on the trail. Reaching the top requires moderate/difficult scrambling, certainly not for beginners (of which there seemed to be many on the trail). It looks like you scramble over it from below but don’t do that. If you’re ready to take your hiking boots higher, consider this list of next-level hikes for the aspiring peak … Follow the cairns along the trail. The Ten Peaks, Babel, Panorama Ridge, Castle, Fairview, and Temple, are just some of the mountains you can see. Some steep scrambling involved and some additional optional routes. 2020 for sunrise, the trail was completely dry, only one other group attempting it that I ran into. You need real boots or shoes, and it’s not for the faint of heart, but it is a great hike for getting into the world of scrambling in my opinion. There is a trail that starts at the right most point of the band and then goes up over it to the left. We continued on, flanked by Canada Anemone and besieged by mosquitoes. For how overcast the hike was up top it was worth every minute spent climbing up. The valley of the 10 peaks where amazing as they where all light up as the sun came out! First you climb through the woods and then you get to a open meadow where you can see the ridge leading up, and breathtaking view of pinnacle mt, sentinel pass and temple.

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